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A modders resource that adds displays for many Treasures and Artifacts in Skyrim. In the spirit of the popular General Stores mod, the displayed items are synchronized across all displays.

Permissions and credits
General Displays
Version 2.5

What it does
General Displays started out as an Addon to the General Stores Mod, but since Version 2.3 it works as a standalone Mod. It is a Modder's Resource, that adds various displays (similar to the ones provided by GS) for many of the Treasures and Artifacts found in Skyrim. In the spirit of GS, the displayed items are stored in a shared container, and synchronized between all displays in the game world. Whenever a relevant item is added to the treasure container, it automatically shows up on all it's displays, and if it is taken from one, it is removed everywhere else.

Provided displays
  • Bug Jars
  • Dragon Claws (incl. Dragonborn versions)
  • Dragon Priest Masks (incl. Dragonborn versions)
  • Thieves Guild Trophies (Includes Crown of Barenziah, -> Note)
  • Divine Amulets
  • Hold Guard's Shields
  • Paragons (Dawnguard only)
  • Elder Scrolls (Dawnguard only, -> Note)
  • Black Books (Dragonborn only)
  • Many Unique Items (e.g. all Daedric Artifacts)
  • Many "Oddity"-Items (Unique Misc Items)

The mod comes with an sample "house" mod, for those who want the displays but have no interest in modding themselves, in form of the optional "Collector's Box" plugin. The Collector's Box is a small portable treasure chest, that can be entered by the player and provides a number display shelves for your treasures. The box can be crafted at any forge, for the cost of some Iron, Firewood and a filled Grand Soulgem. (It can only be crafted once, so don't loose it.)

Half of the Thieves Guild Trophies and the Crown of Barenziah can normally not be obtained. Therefore they can not be displayed on the shelves, unless they are added to the player by other mods (e.g., my Thieves Guild Treasure Fix mod was specifically designed for that purpose). Similarly, the Elder Scrolls and Black Books are quest items, and can normally not be removed from the player's inventory. A mod that removes quest items (e.g. this one) can fix that.

Since Version 2.3, none.

Only new content is added, and nothing in Skyrim is changed directly, so this mod should be compatible with basically everything.
For use with the official DLCs Dawnguard and Dragonborn, optional addons are provided.
There is also an optional patch that integrates the mod with General Stores, it is not strictly necessary for compatibility, though.

None of the displays are made persistent (i.e. permanently hold in the memory), so there should be no impact on the game's overall performance. Depending on the total number of displays in the game world, it may take up to one or two seconds, until they are all updated after an item is added to the treasure chest.

Just drop the "GeneralDisplays.esm" and "GeneralDisplays.bsa" and any optional addons into your Skyrim Data directory.Alternatively, use a mod manager.
A quick overview of the plugin files:
  • GeneralDisplays.esm: This is the main file. You need this.
  • GeneralDisplays - DG.esm: Additional displays for Dawnguard items
  • GeneralDisplays - DB.esm: Additional displays for Dragonborn items

And from the optional download:
  • GeneralDisplays - GS.esp: A small patch that forces the mod to use the "Treasures" container from General Stores instead of its own. Requires General Stores (obviously)
  • CollectorsBox.esp: Contains a sample cell with some displays

How to use (for modders)
Using this mod is not much different from the original General Stores mod. Just go to the Activators in the Construction Kit, and you will find many entries prefixed with TFActxGSx.

Lazy Displays:
The simplest way is to look for activators with the word LAZY in their ID. These usually have the form of shelves with a bunch of orange markers on them. Just drag and drop one of those into your cell, and you are done. The displayed items will now appear in place of the orange markers.

Custom Displays:
Alternatively, you can set up your own displays by placing any of the other activators. These usually look like the items they represent. Just drag and drop them anywhere in your cell, and they will show up as soon as their respective item is added to the treasure chest. Some items are not included in any lazy displays, and this is the only way to display them.

Storage Access:
The activator TFActxGSxTreasureContainer can be set up anywhere to access the shared treasure container. It works exactly like a General Stores container, but can be used regardless of whether General Stores is installed or not.

There are a few activators, those with SORT in their ID, that can be used to automatically transfer items from the player's inventory to the displays. These have no 3D mesh on their own, and are instead intended to be used as trigger boxes. A few things to keep in mind when working with these:
  • Trigger boxes can be created by clicking the "T" button in the creation kit menu, and then choosing the appropiate activator.
  • You will want the player to be able to activate the triggers, so double-click the box, go to the "Primitive" tab and toggle the "Player Activation" checkbox.
  • Due to a skyrim bug, the triggers can't be activated if their Z rotation is 0.
  • The sort scripts do not check for quest items and will remove them from the player's inventory, even if they are still required for quests - this can be good or bad.
  • If you want a proper sorter, with 3D mesh and everything, you can easily make your own. Simply copy any of the existing sorters and modify it as needed. You can control which items are sorted by opening its script properties and pointing "MyList" to any Form List.

For inspiration, you can take a look at the sample cell provided in the optional download (The cell name in CK is "TFCellxGSxSample").

This mod is currently used in the following house mods:


You are free to use the mod and its resources in any way you like. Just remember that some of the work is not mine but from other modders (see Credits), and other permissions may apply for their work.

* Version 2.5 (2013-11-11)
+ Added some Dragonborn artifacts
+ Added a usable sample cell

Version 2.4 (2013-09-24)
New sorter scripts in form of trigger boxes
+ Added some minor artifacts
+ Added some lazy displays

Version 2.3 (2013-06-18)
Removed General Stores dependency

Version 2.2 (2013-06-16)
Many Touch-Ups and Bug Fixes in Meshes
Allowed for lazy displays to be initially disabled
Moved to remappable textures instead of multiple identical meshes
+ New variant for Auriel's Bow and Skull of Corruption
+ Added Hold Shields
+ Added Oddity Items

Version 2.1 (2013-04-21)
Fixed a few collision meshes
+ Added many Unique Artifacts, including lazy versions
+ Added some lazy variants without static meshes

Version 2.0 (2013-04-08)
Improved observer scripts - notifies each display only once after closing container, and does not wait for animations
Added fancy editor markers to lazy displays
Fixed bug where Paragon displays would not work at all
Fixed weird rotation bug for some lazy displays
De-Havok'd all the meshes - fixes weird havok bugs and greatly reduces the number of running scripts
Basic Dragonborn support
+ Added new Dragonborn Dragon Claws and Masks to displays
+ Added 1 lazy version for Paragons
+ Displays for Dragon Priest Masks (Bust-less versions)
+ Displays for Elder Scrolls, with 1 lazy version
+ Displays for Black Books, with 2 lazy versions

Version 1.0 (2013-02-28) - Initial Release
Scripts for observer pattern
Basic Dawnguard support
+ Displays for Bug Jars, with 3 lazy versions
+ Displays for Dragon Claws, with 2 lazy versions
+ Displays for Dragon Priest Masks, with 2 lazy versions
+ Displays for Thieves Guild Treasures, with 1 lazy version
+ Displays for Divine Amulets, with 1 lazy versions
+ Displays for Paragons, with 1 lazy version