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Mhillis Tuise, She's the toughest Bosmer this side of Valenwood.

She's here in Skyrim hunting down high ranking members of the Aldmeri Dominion.
She wont stop until she has avenged the decimation of her entire family; House Tuise.
Who know's, she might not even stop once she's done...
After all, killing Altmer is what she'

Permissions and credits

As of yet, I can't foresee a need for an update, but if anyone finds anything wrong with her, please let me know!

Simply open the .rar file, drag and drop the Data file into your Skyrim folder and overwrite if needed. She works and looks the same with or without EEO.

Delete the files in black,

Data > MhillisTuise.esp
Data > textures > actors > character > facegendata > facetint > MhillisTuise.esp
Data > meshes > actors > character > facegendata > facegeom > MhillisTuise.esp
Data > meshes > actors > MhillisTuise

To get Mhillis Tuise to look as she does in the pictures, I recommend using the following mods:

~ Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) for her High Res warpaints to show up properly (Highly Recommended, as she will not look good without it, while using SKSE, you will also need the High Res Warpaint Tweak aswell.)
~ Nuska Real Skin for Women by nuska
~ DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
~ Better Makeup for SKSE by Me, wouldn't hurt either!

*Keep in mind, that she wears prisoners rags and its up to YOU to give her the gear she needs to wear to follow you into battle!*
Also, she relies on YOU for your choise of skin, remember that these are just suggestions and what you use for skin depicts what she looks like!

The assets from this file may not be used without my expressed permission, nor shall this file be uplaoded anywhere else at any other sites. Thank you for your respect regarding this.

BIG THANKS to nuska for her work on Ethereal Elven Overhaul, and for allowing me to use EEO in the creation of Mhillis, without nuska's efforts, she never would have exsited!

HUGE THANKS to MissMorose for helping me test Mhillis as well as taking all of the beautiful screenshots for her also! Keep it up! Your screenarchery is Exceptional!

SPECIAL THANKS to TairenSoul for letting me use your Warpaint on Mhillis! You truely are the Queen of Warpaints!

Other tattoo/warpaint mods that are Awesome!
Weathered and Worn Warpaints by Me
TairenSoul Tattoo Warpaint for Men by TairenSoul
TairenSoul Face Tattoo Warpaint (women) by TairenSoul