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Four additional lore-friendly followers in Solstheim - created to provide some UFO-compatible followers on the wonderful Morrowind Island. I could not choose Frea as a follower without breaking my UFO gameplay (the author is working on it) - but you can get Skaal huntress Sveya now or her friend Jorrim, or the Dunmer Zalva and Arunh ...

Permissions and credits
More Solstheim Followers
A Follower Mod for the Dragonborn-DLC
English Version (V1.1)
by "Fireandflame"

Update: Cell names reset to English: "The Retching Netch" and "Great Hall"
The old files are deleted, if you have version 1.0 you can just upgrade to version 1.1


Dragonborn.esm (Dragonborn-DLC)

Extra requirements SkyHair Version:
"ApachiiSkyHairMale" V1.0
"ApachiiSkyHairFemale" V1.3
You can find them here: ApachiiSkyHair
(Not required here: "ApachiiSkyHairxxxFull")


(English is not my first language, but I am trying my best :-))


What you will get here:

Four "More Solstheim Followers" (UFO-compatible)

The two young Skaal Sveya Talking-Tree (Hunter) and Jorrim White-Wolf (Warrior), and the Dunmer Zalva Velothis (Mage) and Arunh Vareq (Rogue).

They come in two versions - with Vanilla hairstyles and with Apachii SkyHair hairstyles (original mods required as stated above). Please see screenshots.

If you choose the SkyHair Version you don't need to download the Vanilla version, only the optional file then.
Their look also depends on the body replacers and facial textures you use (if at all) - you can find the mods that I have in use listed further below.


Some background:

When I reached the point in the Dragonborn DLC questline where I could get Frea as a follower I had to learn that this doesn't work (then) together with the great follower mod UFO. And disabling UFO made my other followers (which I had left "relaxing" in Skyrim) pop up out of nowhere in Solstheim, so I decided better not to interrupt my UFO gameplay - or wait until the problem is fixed - and rather install some Solstheim followers myself.
They are created according to Blackie's tutorial "CM Creating Custom Companions" and will work just like normal custom followers (no special scripts or voices), but you can get them at once in Solstheim as UFO-compatible followers.

I wanted them to be as lore-friendly and Solstheim-matching as possible - and share them with you now that they are ready to go adventuring ...


More details:

The followers come with some perks because playing with "Mighty Dragons" and "SkyrimMonsterMod" (as I do) demands strong companions.
They are "essential" by default, marriable, and will level from level 10-80 with the player.
Both Skaal followers have a "no crime" morality whereas the Dunmer will commit any crime you ask them to.
And they build good teams - see the screenshots!
(As far as I know followers won't use spells to heal others but I added them anyhow. Maybe this will work some day, and it feels more complete.)

Sveya Talking-Tree
Nord, Skaal Village, Great Hall
Stats/Skills: Archery, Light Armor, Sneak, Alteration, One-Handed, (Restoration)
Spells: RaceNord, PowerNordBattleCry, Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Healing, Healing Hands, Fast Healing
Perks: AlterationApprentice25, AlterationAdept50, Overdraw20
Sveya is a sweet and smart young Skaal huntress and other than Frea she would love to see more of the world outside Skaal Village ...

Jorrim White-Wolf
Nord, Skaal Village, Great Hall
Stats/Skills: One-Handed, Block, Heavy Armor, Two-Handed, (Archery)
Spells: RaceNord, PowerNordBattleCry
Perks: ShieldWall20, Armsman20
Jorrim is a good-natured young Skaal warrior and though loyal to his people he would never refuse the Dragonborn's request for his support ...

Arunh Vareq
Dunmer, Raven Rock, The Retching Netch
Stats/Skills: Sneak, One-Handed (dual-wielding!), Light Armor, Archery, (Alteration, Destruction)
Spells: RaceDarkElf, PowerDarkElfFlameCloak, Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Firebolt
Perks: AlterationApprentice25, DestructionApprentice25 (to support his otherwise weaker magic skills)
Arunh is in mourning and might need a a good distraction from his sorrows and a new task in his life. But some suspect he is an Assassin and brings death himself, so his outfit might be rather "ironic" or "sarcastic" - who knows?!

Zalva Velothis
Dunmer, Raven Rock, The Retching Netch
Stats/Skills: Destruction, Sneak, Conjuration and Restoration, (Alteration and Light Armor)
Spells: RaceDarkElf, PowerDarkElfFlameCloak, IceSpike, IceStorm, ConjureFrostAtronach, ConjureStormAtronach, Healing, Healing Hands, Fast Healing, Oakflesh, Stoneflesh
Perks: AlterationApprentice25, ConjurationApprentice25, DestructionApprentice25
Zalva is a classic pure mage and a self-assured eccentric. Maybe she came to Solstheim to visit Neloth in Tel Mithryn - either to talk about good old times - or to challenge him ...?!


Facial and body texture mods which I use and whose effects you can see in the screenshots
(I would love to see pics that show how they look like in your game, and with other or none facial/body mods,
please upload your own screenshots if you like - thanks!!!):

Female body: CBBE by Caliente
(I am still using CBBE V3.1 slim)

Female face: Coverwomen by mrLenski
(look #3)

Bright Eyes by Skree000
(latest version v1-3 - I use it for my NPCs)

High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox
(Concerning male chars I have come to a bit of a replacer mixture meanwhile, but mainly I use and like this Geonox mod.)

And here is the link to Blackie's CM New Companions Mod by Cutthroat Mods,
where you can find the up-dated version of the "CM Creating Custom Companions" tutorial. It is included in the mod download.

And last not least the link to the great Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO) by fLokii



NMM or manually:
Download the file, unpack, and drop the Data folder into your Skyrim folder (which already contains a "Data" folder).
Overwrite, if asked. (There are meshes and textures included for the faces.)
Check the "FFSolstheim1.esp" in your skyrim launcher/mod manager.



None that I am aware of now (as long as you have the required files installed).
Please report problems in the comment section.
And of course it is even nicer to hear when thinks work well :-)

And for those who wonder: You can bring your Skyrim followers to Solstheim and the Solstheim followers (at least these four) back to Skyrim.
I also added a picture of Sveya in Windhelm harbor.


Have Fun!



Big thanks to all the authors of the above mentioned mods!
Especially to fLokii for this wonderful follower overhaul, I wouldn't wanna play Skyrim without it!
Blackie for his CM companions and companion tutorials (I love and use them since I began to play Oblivion :-))
Apachii for her wonderful mods and the SkyHair for Skyrim, I use it for many of my own chars and "custom companions"
Bethesda for the gorgeous Elder Scrolls series - I am really "fire and flame for it" (because in my language this means to be really enthusiastic about something)!
"zlpcvkbm" for reporting the cell name mistake I had made - reporting real bugs/mistakes in a fair way is so helpful for a modder!


My other mods:

Caethspell Caverns Overhaul
(I liked the original cavern a lot - now it is a complete player home with all crafting stations, follower beds, and it's own little merchants.)

The Lucky Horker Inn
A Merchant & Player Home & Follower Mod (overlooking the Sea of Ghosts not far from Dawnstar)