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Aylana House
ObliSan Team mod

Aylana House V.2

-Fixed barn to enter on horseback.
-I got to the barn hens, they have their henhouse.
-Recommended uninstall V.1, save game and install the V.2, so that the hens are not in the stable.

Aylana House is a new player home, with Aylana mage follower V.2
After taking me to Aylana in some missions and see how it unfolded,
I thought she deserved her out of the stables of Whiterun and give your own home.
It's a good magician and a good fighter,
and that encouraged me to get into this adventure to create you a home
where you can rest and gather strength to continue their raids.

Where is it?
-Confronting Whiterun stables across the road.


Description of the house
-The interior has everything you need to live in it, with secure containers.
-The character and the follower can sit on the beds, on the stairs or on the stump in the garden.
-Both inside and outside have some surprises.

Outside there:
-Alchemy and Enchanting table.
-Smelting furnace.
-Altar of Dibela and Julian.
And I have included around hunting prey, such as deer, foxes, mountain goats and rabbits.

Description of the follower
See the link.

Recommended mods:
Face: Have you installed look 1
-To make it look younger and beautiful as the pictures.
-The pictures used for the book, the follower is Better Females mod installed.
-This mod includes textures and meshes of the face, no more dark faces.
My thanks to Oblivionlaserie gave me material for this to be possible.

In the catch was used mod Ultra Realistic World Lighting, Skyrim to color.

-NMM recommended.
-If you have Aylana mage follower: uninstall, enter the game and save game, install Aylana House
and play.

-Copy all content in the Skyrim data folder, answered yes when asked.

-Remove the Data folder of the Skyrim installation file Aylana House.esp
-Open the folder Meshes-actors-character-FaceGenData-FaceGeom and delete Aylana House.esp
-Open the folder Textures-Actors-Character-FaceGenData-FaceTint and delete Aylana House.esp
-Open the folder Textures-clutter-books-images and remove the three images where it says Perdida.

- Bethesda for making Skyrim.
- Nexus for giving me the opportunity to publish.
- My Family, for their patience.
- My thanks to Sanchez (Ilpinfas) for their help and the tutorial on how to make a home.
- And my Team, a small group, which unites the same illusion, make it bigger, the ObliSan Team.

Contact sites (Spanish)

ObliSan Team Foro
ObliSan Team Taringa
ObliSan Team Blog

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