A Stark Beginning - No Racial Skills - No Health Regen - Weight Carry 100 by AlturDrake
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Feel like starting as a true novice, and not sure when you became so skilled in schools of magic you never use? Think it's absurd to be able to command wildlife just because your mother was a Bosmer, or naturally heal a gaping chest wound by running or sitting for a few minutes? Maybe you just noticed that carrying around 300 pounds in your 'Bound Pocket of Holding' was a bit much.

Come in. You're among friends.

-Sets health regeneration to 0 for all vanilla races (default 0.7)
-Changes base carry weight from 300 to 100
-Removes all racial 'once a day' powers
-All skills start at 15 for all races

(Optional) Removes passive racial resistances

This shouldn't conflict with any 'Alternate Start' mods.
(A new game is required for the mod to properly take effect)

NPCs will be affected by this mod, since the change is done to the actual race. Followers will also have the same weight limitations. I highly recommend Frostfall or Sabre Gear Backpack for a great backpack, and Bandoliers for any extra space you think is appropriate.

The main file will leave the natural resistances the races might actually have, like a resistance to cold for Nords, etc. An optional file removes even those perks if you're feeling extreme, though Argonians can still breathe underwater and Khajiit still do extra claw damage and see in the dark in both versions, since those are effects from physical body parts.

Does not remove Flames and Healing starting spells, I recommend using Spell Eraser if you don't want them, until I figure out a way to make the tomes to learn those skills actually work properly. (you can't learn from them even if you don't know the spells, with the vanilla system)






FROSTFALL: Camping & Exposure
Imp's More Complex Needs
Scaling Stopper
No Health Regen
Lethal Traps

Stop Forced Quests
Player Headtracking
Scenic Carriages
Compass Modifier/Remover
Improved closefaced helmets
Immersive Armors
Weapons of the Third Era
JaySuS Swords
Fist Weapons
Arrow Crafting
Wearable Lanterns
NPCs Run Out of Arrows
Wildlife Loot And Recipes
Intelligent Wildlife
Fight or Fly
Weighted Items
Gold Weight

Random Alternate Start
Storage Chests in Major Towns
'Dismissal' Conjuration Spell
Glorious Dragon Soul Absorb
Acquisitive Soul Gems
Permanent Blessings
Auto Unequip Ammo
No Kill Moves
Less Falling Damage
SkyRealism AutoSave System
Faster Battles (Goes nice with Scaling Stopper)

No NPC Greetings (Really wish I'd known about this one sooner)
No Guard 'Skill' Comments
Quiet Restoration Idle
Merchants only reply with 'Take a Look'
Stop Talking To Yourself, Bandit!
Silence Adrianne Avenicci
Silent Whiterun Preacher
Farengar Dialogue Fix

Crimson Tide
Cover Khajiits
Beast Race Feet
Sit Anywhere
Spell Remover
Intro Music - Malukah
Intro Music - Jason Yang
Humans Drop Human Parts
Single-handed Run & Sprint for 2H Weapons
Better Turning Animation
Skill Interface Retexture
High Quality 3D Map
Quality World Map with Roads
Birds, Airborne & Perching
Transparent Wine Bottles
Destructible Bottles
Subliminal Traps

No Dialogue Pauses
Remove Enchanting Restrictions
Fix Breezehome Lighting + Enchanting Table
Smelters for Riften and Solitude
Guards Help Against Hired Thugs
No Spinning Death Animation
Sell Stones of Barenziah