Deadly Arrows by Ichibu
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Makes archery extremely deadly. To Hollywood standards
Sneak attacks will kill the majority of people now with 1 arrow
Normal attacks often can with xtra, but regular seems to have them at the edge of life usually which is pretty cool cuz they go down and you get to execute
I made this because I usually get headshots and it annoys me when someone survives that
Also it's more exciting to fight archers now, knowing how dangerous it is
Now supports Dawnguard's crossbows

There are four versions, use only one:
DeadlyArrows - 2x Damage for Vanilla only
DeadlyArrowsDG - 2x Damage for Dawnguard also
DeadlyArrowsXtra - 4x Damage for Vanilla only
DeadlyArrowsXtraDG - 4x Damage for Dawnguard also
WARNING: This effects all archers - player and NPCs
Due to the technique used to achieve the damage increase (arrow damage increased) this mod should be compatible with virtually any other combat mods


Unpack .zip contents to Data\


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