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You begin your game in a shack north of Rorikstead. There are two saves: one male and one female. The Helgen incident never happened. There are no dragons, and your character is not the dragonborn.

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Character Backstory:

Your name is Victor (or Bella) your father is a nord and your mother was an imperial. Things have taken a turn for the worse since your mother died. Now it's just you and your father living in a tiny rundown shack. He wanted to be a famous warrior like his grandfather, but he was too sickly to fight. Now he works as an alchemist, making and selling potions. Sometimes, he asks you to go out and gather some ingredients for him. You enjoy helping your father and look forward to doing errands like these. Just when things were starting to pick up, your father gets very sick. You now have to take care of him. Since he is too sick to work, the two of you are struggling to make it. One day, you were outside gathering some ingredients for your father hoping that he would teach you alchemy. When you return, you are shocked to see your father's dead body lying on his bed. When you search his body, you discover his secret journal. This is where your adventure begins.

*The Helgen incident never happened. There are no dragons, and your character is not the dragonborn.

Put the two .ess files in your my documents/my games/skyrim/saves folder.
Put the file lundsjournal.esp in your data folder normally located at c:\program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data.

Required Mod:

Playable Children Plus

Recommended Mods:

Craftable Armoured Childrens Clothes

Jobs in Skyrim

Field Alchemy

UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul

I hope you enjoy these saves.

Since most children in skyrim run in packs, I made two child followers to accompany your character.
Marilis, a breton female, prefers to use bows and magic. She can be found at the winking skeever in solitude.
Jorgen, a nord male, prefers one-handed weapons. He can be found at the Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead.

These followers do not sound like children. Their voices had to be changed so they could be potential followers. The files for these followers also go in the data folder.

New optional download, Better Lund's Hut. This remodel of Lund's hut should serve all of your crafting needs. I've cleaned up the place and added an alchemy table, an enchanter, and a tanning rack on the inside of the hut. On the outside of the hut, I've added a workbench, a grind-wheel, and a blacksmith's forge. There are 3 new containers. The strongbox by the enchanting table contains an assortment of empty soul gems. The knapsack by the alchemy table contains an assortment of alchemy ingredients. There is also a knapsack by the grind-wheel that contains ingots, leather, and leather strips. I've also included two enchanted items.

Lund's Ring (found on Lund's body)
Destruction spells are 444% more powerful.
Conjuration spells are 444% more powerful.
Restoration spells are 444% more powerful.
Alteration spells are 444% more powerful.
Illusion spells are 444% more powerful.

Milena's Amulet (found in the strong box)
Enchantments are 444% more powerful.
Potions are 444% stronger.
Smithed items are 444% better.

The new version of Better Lund's Hut (1.1) includes a surprise at the grave site to the right of the house.

If you think these items are too overpowered, sell them or just leave them where you find them. They are great to give your character an edge at low levels. There is also an updated version of Lund's Journal, so If you download Better Lund's Hut, you'll need to delete the LundsJournal plugin from your data folder.


Child Followers version 1.1

Existing followers now are skill trainers. Marilis teaches Alchemy, and Jorgen teaches Smithing.
There is also a new follower included. Her name is Isis, and she hangs around the ragged flagon.
She teaches you to be a better pickpocket. Each follower can train you up to level 90.

Become A Beggar

Enchantable Dark brotherhood mage gear

Elven Archer Armor: 3 Recolors

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