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Last updated at 17:21, 20 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 16:57, 24 Feb 2013

ATTENTION: My mod isn't compatible with Basvanbeu MuscleTextureChanger and will not be compatible. I don't want to touch the functionality of the mod so I will not do a package which replaces all the different normalmaps with my map.

ABOUT NUDITY: This is NOT a nude body replacer, but you can use it in ADDITION with a nude body replacer (without quality loss). My mod is only a NORMAL MAP (please click NORMAL MAP). So my mod doesn't contain any nudity, just an abstract normal map.


This is my attempt to create a believable overall trained body.
I achieved this by merging Tigersan's FemaleMuscleMod (v1_5 Hardcore/I also made it compatible with UNP/CBBE) with navetsea's CBBESkinTextureV2V3PlusThepalAndUNPCompatible mod.
Plus different versions for standard textures and navetsea textures.

This is just a texture replacer for the This mod will not change the 3dModel/Mesh. The differences between the Standard and Navetsea variations are only the neck and hand seams, so my texture will fit to the corresponding texture set.

If you want to use my mod with UNP/UNPB/UNPC/CBBE/CBBE-Bodyslide/ADEC you must have their meshes and skintextures already installed.
This means that UNP/CBBE BODYMODS HAVE TO BE ALREADY INSTALLED AS WELL AS A TEXTURESET (standard or navetsea/or a custom race).

UNP files are compatible with UNPB/UNPC.

And please BACKUP your files! No kidding, BACKUP your original femalebody_1_msn.dss you will need to restore your backup in order to uninstall my mod.

I have done several packages which are ready to install with NexusModManager:
(You only need one package)

NoCustomRace means that my texture will be applied to all vanilla races (except Argonians and Khajiit).
Depending on which texture set (standard=comes with the original mod (UNP: Dimon99's texture set/CBBE: Caliente's texture set) or navetsea's texture set(CBBE/UNP)) AND bodyshape you are using you can choose the corresponding file (ADEC only Standardtextures support).
If you're using XCE please choose the optional file "for VanillaBodyshape XCE compatible"
AGAIN please BACKUP your files! Yeah, do it!

There are also packages for the most popular CustomRaces (Ashen/EpicElves/Lunari/TheNoiral/Temptress).
You should BACKUP your files! But for sure you have already done a backup.
(You only need ONE package)

If you have experience in modding and/or folder structure you can use the optional files.

Skyrim Mods Series-#148

Thanks to Saiodin

Skyrim Mod Showcase:

Thanks to mattyb89

Unistall it with ModManager or just delete my file. Please read further!

!!!ATTENTION: There is a problem with ModManager unistallation. If you have overwritten your original file my file will not be deleted, ModManager will just remove the record in the mods register. So you will have to restore your original (did I mention that you should backup your files?) and overwrite my file!!!

If you have problems installing my mod or you recognize any issues please leave a comment or pm me.

Have fun!

All Credits and Thanks to:

Acdale for Acdale EyeCandy Body ADEC
Caliente for Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition
Dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body
Navetsea for CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible
Tigersan for Female Muscle Mod

Mods used for Screenshots:
Better Females By Bella Natural Edition by zzjay
EnhancedCharacterEdit v0.9h
Immersive Armors by hothtrooper44
JaySuS Swords by JaySuS
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
Remodeled Armor for CBBEv3 by ChronoTrigger77