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Zinkar DoJahn

Zinkar DoJahn is an evil ancient Vampire Orc Hell bent on destruction with a lust for revenge. Zinkar DoJahn has his own motives being seen in Skyrim and goes out of his way to join with the legendary Dovahkiin, The Dragonborn.

Zinkar DoJahn is also power hungry and thirst’s for Great power. He can sense power and has been doing recent research into the Vi’ Vik Royal Family for years and had discovered the truth behind the Night Vi’Vik and those he terrorized.

Zinkar DoJahn and a special team of thralls have been gathering a huge knowledge base on one called ZaTala also known as Za’ Talla or Za Ta’ Lal the slayer also known as Za TaLa Leil the butcher. A deep rooted history behind the demon child rumored to be the beast spawn of a powerful Dremora Demon Lord.

Only the higher Gods of Old know why Zinkar DoJahn has made his presence known and why he decided to play out the role of Ally to one known as the Dragonborn.