Flowing Cape With Physics by agentspoon and aoxer
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Last updated at 23:56, 18 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 23:35, 23 Feb 2013

Update - After downloading the Main File please download the Optional File and overwrite your Flowing Cape.esp file in your Data folder.

NOTE - In the mods current state these effects CANNOT be added to Cloaks of Skyrim or Winter is Coming. Please dont bug the authors of either mod for compatibility. Sadly its not possible.

Read the Read-Me or the Installation section below for the new [Verlet] settings that the 1.3 update needs.

If you have an idea for a colour message me with it and I will try to do it.

Holy ****, We made Hot Files. Congratulations everyone. Thank you for your time and willingness to test and wait.

Mod is available to download at:

1. Description
2. Installation
3. Uninstallation
4. Where to get the cape in game
5. Important note
6. Change log

This mod adds a flowing cape with physics to the game, meaning the cape will swish around when you move. There are two download options, one for male characters and one for female characters. Each download includes a selection of colour options.

This adds a new layer of awesomeness to your character, and if I may be so bold... Your character needs a freaking cape!

-- REQUIRES DAWNGUARD because that's the source of the original cape.
-- Due to limitations with the mesh, you can use only one colour at a time.
-- This mod edits the Vampire Lord Cape, so you may notice some changes when you see it on Harkon. For more information, see section "5. Important note".
-- While the mod should work for all races, Khajiit and Argonian tails poke though the cape. To work around this issue, you need to use a tail removing mod.

To install the default mod files:
-- If you're using Nexus Mod Manager, download and activate the .esp file. Simple
-- If you're installing manually, add the files in the archive to your
data folder.

To change the cape colour:
To change the colour of your cape follow these steps once you have installed the mod.

1 - Navigate to the Colours folder that came in the .zip file.
2 - Select the one you want, vampcamp - Imperial Red and copy the file.
3 - Drop this file into your data/textures/actors/vampirelord folder
4 - Delete the orginal vampcamp file and rename the one you just dropped to vampcamp (So just remove everything after the -)
5 - Close the window and load up Skyrim.

To change the female cape follow the exist same steps apart from go into the FEMALE folder in the Colours folder and replace
the vampcampf file with the one from the FEMALE folder.

IMPORTANT: There's one more step before you play:

Open your Skyrim.ini file (NOT your SkyrimPrefs.ini) in your
Documents/My Games/Skyrim folder. Paste the following lines to the
bottom of this file:


These lines control the cloth physics, and they MUST be added for
your cape to look correct. You will experience weirdness or odd
collision with the cape if you don't make these additions to your
Skyrim.ini file.

Once you've made the edits, save the file and play!

If you're using Nexus Mod Manager, deactivate the mod to remove it.

If you're manually uninstalling, remove the .esp file and the textures and meshes
from your data folder.

1. Simply Craft the cape at a Tanning Rack under Leather.

This cape uses Lord Harkon's Vampire Lord Cape to have cloth (verlet)
physics applied. This item is the ONLY item in game that has verlet
physics. Because of this, to adapt this cape to work for the player,
changes had to be made to the mesh to get it to hang correctly on
the much smaller/thinner character model that humans have compared
to Harkon's vampire lord form.

By using this file, you are overwriting Harkon's cape, so when you
see him in game in his vampire lord form, he will be wearing this
updated version of this cape. It will likely look odd since it's no
longer big enough for him. It will not bug out your game or cause
any actual problems, but his cape will likely look odd. Keep that
in mind.

When you uninstall this mod, Harkon will go back to using his
correctly sized cape.

1.3 Uploaded new file with higher polygons, better texture, craftable and with only one .esp file
1.2 Updated the Files section with aoxers updates and all round better version. Male and Female uploads so download which sex you use.
1.1 Small update to address some issues.
1.0 Release version.