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This allows you to go back to Sovngarde while also improving it and making it more like what heaven should be. While vanilla Sovngarde si much more beautiful than much of Skyrim, I felt there should be more. So I made this. The features are listed below.

-A quick and easy way to get back to Sovngarde
*A simple door that can be located from your map. It is near Whiterun Stables
-A house (Dragonborn Hall)
*See Below
-Numerous Skyrim improvements
*Hundreds of additional mountain flowers to make Sovngarde more pretty
*Towering statues, terrain changes/additions, gems, rocks, etc.
-Re-unlocked Hall of Valor
*More Sovngarde Heroes
*Two Talos shrines
*Other small improvements

Dragonborn hall is a Dragonborn house typically reserved for the generation's Dragonborn. This time it is you. Many famous Dragonborns have resided where you are now including the most famous, Tiber Septim. And some may have even "left" a little behind. It truly is a house fit for a Dragonborn. Modeled after Jorrvaskr in memory of Ysgramor, you will love to live in it. It features a nice room to relax in where you can watch a fire burn then turn around a see a beautiful waterfall trickling behind you. It is a sight you do not want to miss. In the main entrance way, there is a huge table where many Dragonborns have consumed there other worldly meals. Enter the basement and you will find yourself in a very peaceful area where you can make a potion then get that soul trap enchantment on your sword, practice your archery skills, make a iron sword and dagger after tanning the leather, then improving them. You can also worship a God or two. You also have a master bedroom, just for you. Who knows, maybe Shor's ghost is still down there. It is all topped off with what is the most beautiful music in the game. I suggest turning up the music volume when you enter to get the full effect of the house. Obviously, this will be further improved. The house is away from the Hall of Valor and on the Mara statue side. You can't miss it.


Drag the contents of the data folder into you Skyrim data folder.

(Program Files x86/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim/Data)


Remove BackToSovngarde.esp from your data folder.


I do not suggest entering the door before completing the main questline. Your choice though.

~~How to go Back~~

Find the well door next to the Whiterun Stables and enter It is in the images. You can't miss it. You will see the Sovngarde hatch when you arive in Sovngarde. If you lose it, check the images. It is on the little hill in the middle and is on the left side of the hill. Walk around and explore.

This mod is not compatible with any other mod that does the same thing. I think there is only one that does the same thing and that is dimebag's mod. But it is compatible with texture mods, item mods, but not anything that alters Sovngarde or how you get there.


Made by flamingdiaper4U using the creation kit.

Bethesda for making a great game.

Bugs? Report them to me!

TO DO LIST:(In no order)
Shor's Temple
Tiber Septim's Tomb
Improve Sovngarde
More people
Separate ESP file for improvements
Make Sovngarde door bigger
Better way to get to Sovngarde once I improve my skills a little more.