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Version 1.0

This mod adds a shout that will summon a battalion of Warriors of Sovngarde,
around 12-17 men and women that will fight for you, for 2min and the sky will change to that
of Sovngarde and it will stay for 3min, the shout is a power and can only be used once a day.

P.S. also on steam


For rest of current changelog check the readme tab, as the log is quite long and i won't have all off it here on the main page.

What goes into this shout:

  • When a Warrior falls in battle he will drop a "Pile of Ectoplasm" which may be looted for alittle Ectoplasm.
  • 8 Warriors and 3 Mages, which might not be spawned accurately.
  • The Warriors have they own faction, they are friendly to the player and his followers.
  • The Warriors have a package that makes them follow the player when spawned, this prevents them from attacking if the player isn't.
  • The sky will change to the one in sovngarde upon usage, it will only work outside altho the warriors should be spawnerable inside.

- The weapons the Warriors spawn with,
this is based of the players current level and the tier of gear they'll get, will get better as the player increases in level.

  • From 10-21 the Weapons will be Iron based
  • From 22-29 the Weapons will be Steel based
  • From 30-34+ the Weapons will be Silver based

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