Underground Bathouse - Bathing Beauties and Luxury Suite - Merge by Andragon
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Last updated at 7:50, 23 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 8:07, 23 Feb 2013

Game: Skyrim
Mod Name: Underground Bathhouse - (Classier) Bathing Beauties and Luxury Suite Merge
Author: Andragon
Version: 1.0

This mod is outdated and should not be used anylonger.


This will NOT run with version 5.0 of the Underground Bathhouse

This mod is no longer worked on as I only work on the stanalone version of the Underground Bathhouse

Load order matters on this file. It must come after all BBLS files and before all UB files especially the cell files or you might have a navmesh
issue in the BBLS or missing doors in the Underground Bathhouse.

This will merge the Underground Bathhouse - Standalone entrance into the Bathing Beauties and Luxury Suite. The main door guard now guards the back entrance stairs of the BBLS.

As the Underground Bathhouse started as an addition to the BBLS people always asked me to further work
on the BBLS version but as the standalone to much noved away from the original I thought about how to
put both in the same location once more. So I placed two doors one inside the BBLS and one on the oppposite direction outside. Both are linked to a door wing of the double door in the bathhouse so you can enter from outside and inside. Just think of it as a small staircase in between the BBLS walls ;) that you can enter into from both sides. You might not like the way I did it, so like always, only use it when you like it.

Depending on the success of this, I will decide if I put more interaction between the residents of both suite and the bathhouse, so if you want that, endorse it ;)


ver 1.0
- initial release

Required Files:
BBLuxurySuite.esm -
underground_bathhouse.esm -

Optional files:
BBLuxurySuiteClassier.esp -
(in case you want to run the classier version)

Extract the Contents of the "Data" folder to, your skyrimData directory, (typically, C:ProgramfilesSteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData)
Insure ub_bbls_merge.esp or ub_bbls_merge_classier.esp, is turned on and the load order is: behind all BBLS files and before all UB_cell files
Use the NexusModManager to autoinstall. Make sure the load order is: behind all BBLS files and before all UB_cell files

ub_bbls_merge.esp or ub_bbls_merge_classier.esp from the data Data folder or disable the mod in NexusModManager

Known Issues:
If the load order is not right, npc might not use the indoor entrance or doors might be missing inside the bathhouse if you are using
additional cell files.

Migal130, for his beautiful original Mod found here:
RIP88, for his beautiful classier textures found here:
Bethesda, for another fun game.