Darena the beautiful Nord follower by Xutang
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Installation :

Extract in your main Skyrim folder or use NMM install.

Location :

You'll find her in the Riverwood's Sleeping giant inn.

About Her :

Darena is a Nord female huntress.
She's a standalone follower lvl 1 using Archery, lvl scaling to player with no limit.
She's essential (cannot die) and you can marry her if you want.
Fully voiced (Camilla Valerius's).

Height: 0.95
Weight: 0.80
Eyes: Brown

Her Perks :

Darena got several sneak perks and doesn't affect stealth meter.

Stealth 80
Wind walker
Deft movement
Silent roll
Night thief
Muffled movement

No archery perks as i didn't want an overpowered follower.

Inventory :

1 Hunt Bow
1 Steel dagger
125 Steel arrows

Have fun and don't forget to endorse if you like her.

Added a clean savegame in optional files as requested.
Install path : C:\Documents and Settings\[YourUserName]\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves

Skyrim version required or newer.
Mods you'd use to make her look like on screenshots :

Dimonized UNP female body
UNP Blessed Body UNPB-BBP v2.2
BFG Better Face Gen
Coverwomen seamless UNP look 3
Mature skin and body for UNP