Summon Spriggans and Spriggan Matrons by Vegito73
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This will allow you to summon Spriggans to your aid! Works very well and is very easy to install. These spells are stand-alone spells and WILL NOT REPLACE ANY OTHER SPELLS. However, there are no spell tomes for them, and therefore, cannot be sold in a shop. You will have to use console commands to access them. To get the spells, simple open the console and type: "help spriggan" without the quotes. You will get a pretty long list, so press "page up" until you can find the spell. It should be faily obvious which one it is. Then, aftr you find the proper code, type in "player.addspell (code for the spell)" without the quotes or parentheses obviously. Do this for both the spells that say "Conjure Spriggan" and "Conjure Spriggan Matron". This will add the spells to your spell inventory, where you select them and cast them just like any other normal summon spell. This has been tested, and the Spriggans act like any other summoned creature, it follows you and will only attack your enemies. They are quite good, and not overpowered either, I enjoy using them.

Spriggan Spell- base cost is 200 magicka, apprentice level spell, summons for 5 minutes.
Spriggan Matron Spell- base cost is 250 magicka, adept level spell, summons for 5 minutes.
Spriggan Matron Thrall Spell- base cost (I believe) is 400 magicka, expert level spell, summons for 1000 days!
Obviously these costs decrease with skill points in conjuration, as well as spells. They are also able to be affected by the perk that increases the atronachs strength, it affects these Spriggans in the same way.

There should be no incompatibilities with other mods, unless there is anohter mod you use that also summons a Spriggan. That may cause unwanted behavior when using the two mods together, I don't really know.

Installation with NMM (Recommended)
1. Click Download with NMM Button.
2. Click Activate in the NMM.
3. Enjoy Fighting alongside Spriggans.

Installation without NMM
1. Download the file manually.
2. Unzip the file.
3. There is one file in the folder to make it easier for you, just copy that and paste it into the Data folder of Skyrim.
4. Enjoy fighting alongside your Spriggans.

The time limit on these Spriggans are 5 minutes. It's longer that it sounds.

UPDATE: I have added an optional file that allows you to summon Spriggan Matrons for 1000 days, so essentially they are permanent until physically killed. This is compatible with the main file, so you can have all three spells handy at once.
Have fun, and I hope you enjoy!