Enchantable Miraaks Armor by Kingpinn
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Hello there!

If you are a mage type character in Skyrim and finished Dragonborn's main quest you propably had thoughts about Miraak's armor when obtained: 'Maan... what the hell is this sh*t?!'. If so I have to tell you that me either. I had an idea to make it a little bit more useful, now you say 'More useful? Your mod changes Miraak's set into some useless piece of rags.' You can't be more wrong! If you are trained in Enchanting - then these piece of rags can be changed into something really powerful! Trust me, with my 100 enchanting skill on my mage I enchanted it to maximum power... and now I am a bit overpowered :).

This mod contains two versions:

1. Standard version with ALL parts of Miraak's armor changed into Cloth, enchantable version (Including cloth, unenchanted Mask)
2. Enchantable version for parts: Gloves, Boots and Robe BUT Miraak's Mask hasn't been touched and it's a vanilla heavy armor with enchant.


1. Unzip the archive and put one of the .esp files to Skyrim/data folder (pick only ONE .esp... duh).
2. Play!


Simply delete one of .esp files you picked.

I hope you enjoy. Leave an endorsement if you like my idea :).