Dovahkiin Armor by MisterBazooka
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***UPDATE - I added a late game version called Legendary Dovahkiin armor. It requires the Dragon armor perk and has dragonplate armor stats. It also requires a fair amount of dragon bones and scales to build. Crush Alduin in style!***

I thought the armor in the trailer was cool, but didn't like the options already out there, so here's another one.
Wear the armor from the trailers! It's all one set now, completely craftable and temperable. Requires dragon bone and scales to craft, as well as steel ingots and leather strips. It just consolidates a set of Iron helmet, boots, gauntlets, banded iron shield and studded armor- also with an armor rating boost to make it roughly equivalent to steel armor. The entire set is light armor.
I duplicated the armor forms, so texture packs that modify iron and studded armor will work.