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Last updated at 14:35, 23 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 23:08, 22 Feb 2013

UPDATED, hey guys after some comments i have updated this mod there are now 2 files, the main file gives you all the equipment mention below but has been seperated into 3 different barrels for each class, and i have made a lite version so instead of steel you get iron gear, less potions, and only one set of robes and a weaker staff and less spelltombs, still seperated into 3 barrels,

this mod is designed for you to take only the gear you need, so if you take it all it may be overpowered and give you a boost at the start, i cant help this as i want to ensure anytype of player has there starting gear.

any ideas or suggestions will be taken into consideration, but please make it constructive as people telling me it ruins there game will be ignored as it doesnt help in the slightest, just because you dont see why someone wouldnt want to use heavy armour and swords at the start of a mage play through doesnt mean others dont, and making comment about stuff like that for no reason makes you look silly. but any useful suggetsiosn are welcomed

please use only one file as some of the barrells occupy the same space so they will sit ontop of each other.

thanks for the feedback let me know how this one is for you.

this mod adds:

-steel armour
-steel gauntlets
-steel helm
-steel boots
-steel shield
- all steel weapons, one handed have 2 of each for duel wielders
- Potion of minor health x5

-Apprentice Hood
-novice robes of destruction
-noice Robes of Conjuration
-potion of minor magcika x5
-staff of fireballs
-staff of flame atronach
-various spelltombs, (see below)

-Leather armour
-Leather boots
-Leather Bracers
-Leather helmet
-Hunting bow
-Steel arrow x100
-Potion of true shot x5

also added are lockpicks x10, potion of stamina x5 and spell tombs:
-Conjure familiar
-Healing hands
-Lesser ward
-Raise zombie
-Turn lesser undead

hope you enjoy,