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Master the Thu\'um with practice!

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You are the Dragonborn. You shout, you absorb dragons souls, and you shout again, all days.
How is it you don't get any better with practice?
This mod makes you level-up on the way of the Thu'um. When you level it up, the cooldown between your shouts will decrease a little bit. The player's vanilla cooldown is 1 and it will decrease of 0.01 with each level.
The formula to get to a level is this one;
Next Level == Times You have Shouted + 20, level 1 is reached at 10 times you shout.
Level 1 == 10 ; you must shout 10 times
Level 2 == 30
Level 3 == 50
Level 4 == 70
Level 5 == 90
Level 6 == 110
Level X == (X*20)-10
Level 100 == (100 * 20) - 10 == 2000 - 10 == 1990 for a 0 cooldown.

As you see, having a cooldown of 0 will take a long, long time and a lot of people will probably never get to this point. Obviously, the times you have shouted will be counted when you install the mod. The times you previously shouted won't be taken into account.

Skyrim Script Extender is required.

1. Download the archive corresponding to your language.
2. Put ShoutExperience.BSA and ShoutExperience.ESP in your Data folder and activate the mod with your favorite mod manager
or use Nexus Mod Manager.