Markath and Riften with snow textures - mainly for the CoT Winter Edition by Mahlzeit88
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Added: 22/02/2013 - 05:36PM
Updated: 10/04/2015 - 03:04PM

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Uploaded by Mahlzeit88


Last updated at 15:04, 10 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 17:36, 22 Feb 2013

Gives the textures of Markath and Riften a snowy look
(including the outer walls and stables).

Mainly for CoTs Winter Edition, since it unfortunatelly didn't covenvert the 4 big cities.
(CoT is not required.)

Load the ESP before CoT - Winter Edition
(just where TaveWhiterunSN.esp is being put by BOSS)

!!! Grab Whiterun and Solitude with snow from the links below !!!

COMPATIBILITY / Requirements:

No requirements at all !

Should be INCOMPATIBLE with any town overhaul for these cities.
Load this mod before them and hope that there will still be much snow left.
Depends on what the town overhauls change.

Compatible with weather mods (especially CoT)
(My mod doesn't touch the weather, only the textures.)

!!! WIP !!!
There is much to improve but it satisfies my needs for now.

Patched this up in kind of a hurry with TES5Edit,
so don't expect perfection :-P

Mainly used SnowMaterialObject1P [MATO:00025129] for now.

A part of the street in Riften right behind the main gate is not snowy.
Don't know why :-(

I would add snow piles and icicles but I am too lazy.


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I am using this page for my new little alteration now.

The old one that added snowy weather to Whiterun and Solitude was obsolete with CoTs Winter Edition anyway :-)