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Tired of having to abandon your Wolf Armor because it doesn\\\'t compete with high level armors? Instead of just buffing the Wolf Armor, why not reconstruct it from a different material entirely?

Permissions and credits
I like the Wolf Armor a lot, so I went hunting through the various Wolf Armor Retextures. I saw two that were incredibly inspiring: the Wolf Armor Dark Retexture by Reaper, and the Darker Wolf Armor by Venatoris. Venatoris's had beautiful silver accents, but I wasn't sure if I liked the brown leather/blue fur look of it, and Reaper's fur was awesome, but the plates seemed dull compared to Venatoris's. So I combined the two, and then a thought struck me: why am I making what is essentially fancy steel armor black? Why do I have a separate mod to buff the armor rating of standard Wolf Armor? Isn't there a way to do this in a lore-friendly manner?

This mod includes a standalone armor called the Ebony Wolf Armor. All four (five if you count the lady version) pieces are included, and all are temperable at a workbench with ebony ingots. You must have the Ebony Smithing perk to get the most out of tempering it, just like with regular ebony armor. Also, the weight/armor values reflect the relationship between the original Wolf Armor and Steel Armor: Ebony Wolf Armor offers the same protection and value as Ebony Armor, but is lighter weight. Currently, the armor is only accessible via console.

Simply use NMM or drag all of the files into the Data folder. In-game, use the console command "player.add item" and the following codes:
XX001000 - Boots
XX001001 - Cuirass
XX001002 - Gloves
XX001003 - Helm
Where XX is the load order. Alternatively, just type "help wolf" and scroll like crazy.

Fixed incorrect perk order (Thanks Anonnumberzero for the heads-up)
Fixed helmet loading the wrong texture

Coming Soon:
Placing the armor in the Underforge
Making it craftable if you have a mod that lets you craft the original Wolf Armor

This is my first mod ever, and I would love feedback on it. Please report any bugs you find so I can clean them up. Also, if you have any suggestions for other material swaps, let me know. I'd rather not cross light/heavy, since I feel like that's lore breaking (so no glass Nordic Carved armor) but anything else goes! In fact, next mod is going to be turning Chillrend into a Stalhrim weapon (no appearance modifier, just changing the temper recipe) and making Chillfend, a Stalhrim/glass armor set based on Chillrend. Yes, that is the lamest pun I've ever made.

Ventasoris' Darker Wolf Armor
Reaper's Wolf Armor Dark Retexture
Go endorse their mods! I wouldn't have made this without seeing their mods first!