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Explore Skyrim in Link\'s legendary green tunic, and slay dragons with the MasterSword and Hyrulian Shield!

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Project currently on a hiatus

*** Update 1.2 ***
Now with unique craft-able items!
Link's Tunic! Including hat, tunic, gauntlets and boots!
Better Mastersword and Hyrulian Shield!
Check the changelog below for more details!

Known problems:
Self shadowing artifacts
No neck or leg mesh ( Looking into the dismemberment system )
Spikey geometry when the weight slider is not 100% to the left or right.

From the moment I started playing Skyrim, I just knew that I had to get my favourite weapons and armour from Zelda into Skyrim. So began the development of this mod.

What this mod intends to become is a source for Zelda fans to get to experience Skyrim with all the tools that the Zelda series has to offer

I work quickly, so far each piece of equipment has taken two afternoons to complete and get into game. So expect updates to be pretty regular.

I am a professional artist with a game art background, and I'm just a huge fan of Zelda and Skyrim, so I will be working on this mod for the most part. Although if there are other mod teams out there that need a hand or even individuals with something cool that they want to bring to life in Skyrim, feel free to send me a private message through the forums and I will get back to you.

Because of the sheer number of iterations that Zelda series has gone through, there have been a equal number of variations on the staple Zelda items. Some stay similar and true like the look of Link and the Master Sword. I'm just a fan of the series, but I don't know the intricate details of the different storylines and games. So some items may not match how they look exactly in the games, and the decisions about how some of them look will come down to it's "Coolness ratio". Community feedback will also play a part in this.
In the end, who knows, your character in Skyrim may get a entire wardrobe and rack of armours types and weapons from the different games.

In order to drive the development of this mod forward, I'm putting it out to the community to give me your favourite items and styles.
You can give your input and sway the vote of what is made next in the form below. Feel free to leave a comment :)

Feedback Form

After the Creation Kit is released I intend to bring items such as the Boomerang, Bombs and do fun stuff like making the MasterSword shoot beams when you are at full health. Entire dungeons would just be brilliant aswell, how would you all like to play through the Water Temple in first person? Bad example? How about the gardens of Hyrule Castle and above the clouds as in Minish Cap?

I'm excited to be working on this mod and hope that you all will enjoy it too.

  • Initial Release 0.2
    All items are now standalone and are craftable/upgradable
    Added Link's Green Hat
    Added Link's Green Tunic
    Added Link's Gauntlets
    Added Link's Boots
    Made many tweaks to the MasterSword mesh and textures based on feedback
    Made many tweaks to the Hyrule Shield mesh and textures based on feedback

  • Initial Release 0.1b
    Based on community feedback the Mastersword texture has been updated.
    Fixed blood always appearing on the MasterSword's blade

  • Initial Release 0.1
    MasterSword Added
    Hyrule Shield Added
    Currently the MasterSword replaces the Steel Sword
    Hyrule Shield replaces the Steel Shield[/size]

[size="4"]Currently working on[/size]
[size="1"]This list can change at any time, based on the community's feedback.[/size]
  • Link's Green Tunic ( Whole outfit )
  • Wooden Sword
  • Bow


Skyrim Mods Weekly #5 @ 3.35
( After only a day of being released, no less )

Kotaku "How to Play as Link, In Skyrim"