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Boosts the brightness of Torches by 50% and the radius of torches by 100%

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I looked all over for a small, super-lightweight mod that did only two things : Boosted the Brightness of torches, and boosted the radius of the light. Since I couldn't find any, I made it myself. Then I decided "Fine I'll upload it to Nexus, maybe someone else out there might want this."

This mod boosts the brightness of the torches by 50%, and doubles their light radius. In the screenshots you'll note that the default torch won't even reach the ore node a short distance away, but the brighter torch can easily show it.

I have also created a file that boosts the radius of Magelight and Candlelight spells to allow them to be much more useful. The spells are, by default, brighter than the torches in the game - yet they illuminated a QUARTER as much area! This almost doubles their radius, which makes them much more useful.

Please note that both of the files for this mod contain my brighter torch change, so you only need to download one of the two files. Downloading both will not harm your game but if you load them in the wrong order you will not gain the magic light radius improvements!

This mod is small enough and changes so little that it should not conflict with any other mods, however it should be noted that any mods which change lighting (RLO and ELFX for example) probably would overwrite the changes I've made. For this reason i strongly suggest putting my mod later in your load order than any other lighting mods.