Player Size Adjuster and First Person Camera Height Fix by Imp of the Perverse
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Added: 22/02/2013 - 01:39AM
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Player Size Adjuster

by Imp of the Perverse


This mod lets you adjust your character's height, as well as their height when transformed into a werewolf or vampire lord. First person camera height is also adjusted to reflect your chosen height. By default your run speed and jump height will change to reflect your character's appearance (taller characters will run faster and jump higher, etc.) but that scale can also be adjusted independently.


  • SKSE v1.6.9 or later
  • SkyUI's MCM - If you don't have MCM installed, your character's height will be left unchanged, but their first person camera height will be adjusted to reflect their current height, something the vanilla game doesn't do. No more swapping out 1st person skeleton nifs!
  • Dawnguard is supported but not required. The mod checks for its presence via script and makes the necessary changes depending on if it's detected.


First install SKSE v1.6.9 or later (absolutely required), and SkyUI (required for height adjustment.)

Install via NMM, or paste Player Size Adjuster.esp and Player Size Adjuster.bsa into your Data directory. Load order is unimportant.


Before uninstalling, get off of your horse and disable from the MCM menu (scroll down to the bottom and click "Disable") then save. If you forget to do this, just enter the console and type "player.setscale 1".


Replace old files with new, or if you're using NMM, choose the upgrade option.


This mod uses a combination of SetScale and SetNodeScale to adjust your visual height and run speed/jump height. It will conflict with other mods that rely on SetScale, or that edit the same nif node (PSA adjusts the base node of the player's skeleton, "skeleton.nif", or "skeleton_female.nif" for female characters.) If you're using a custom skeleton nif that is named something else, let me know and I can make this mod compatible with it.

If you're using a custom werewolf or vampire lord race, your height when transformed will be determined by your un-transformed settings.

I'll be building this into the next update of Imp's More Complex Needs (v0.40) so if you're using that, Player Size Adjuster will disable itself and you'll be able to adjust your height from IMCN's character tab.

The vampire lord form is adjustable if you have the Dawnguard DLC, but Dawnguard is not required.

This mod should be compatible with Expired's RaceMenu mod, it's been working fine for me so far.