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UPDATE 12.19.13
As of the past 6 months my modding as come to a dead halt. I still visit here regularly, but not as often as I like. However, recently I have started modding Dragonborn again. In the forseeable future I will be uploading my personal retextures as well as templates if my retextures aren't your cup of tea. I would like to see the templates available as a modders resource. All are based from the HiRes DLC.

Thank you for all of the downloads and endorsements. Let's keep the mods coming!

As always if you need to get into contact with me - feel free to send a private message!

An on-going WIP of all Dunmer armors from the Dragonborn DLC. Almost of the clothes have various patterns on them influenced by Indonesian, Israeli, Tibetan, and various Muslim prints. I referenced a ton of Morrowind fan art for the majority of my retextures. From time to time I will upload a standalone of the armors without the patterns as opposed to the main file with the patterns.

If you're looking for my coloring theme it's ash... literally. All of my retextures are made side by side with HQ vanilla ash, tree, rock, and building textures.

Pretty basic instruction. I prefer the "Download with Manager" utility so all of my files are setup for that.

For loose files:

1. Download Manually.
2. Open with .7z Extraction Utility.
3. Extract to your Skyrim Directory (Steamsteamappscommonskyrim).
4. Profit.

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I have a moderately demanding real life job and work freelance VFX on the side. I cannot do this and work freelance at the same time, so be patient... I'll be around.

In the unlikely event of anyone having issues, I will list unsolved queries here as fair warning to future users.