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This mod adds graveyards and burialsites around skyrim.

Permissions and credits
[SIZE=7]Skyrim Graveyards[/SIZE]

This is my second mod so be nice :)
This mod adds graveyards around Skyrim.

It would be nice if some could upload screenshots from their own game.
If you like it dont forget to endorse and ofc comment thank you!

Video by Robiehn Vidhs

This is from version 1.6


Lootable Graves - Done
"Hidden" Dungeons - Done
More Details - Done
Readable graves - Done
Real light from candles - Done
Optional - Done

People (Guards/Civilians)

Helgen - Done
Rorikstead - Done
Dawnstar - Done
Morthal - Done
Ivarstead - Done
Dragon Bridge - Done
(NOT included in Optional)
Karthwasten - Done
Shor's Stone - Done
Kynesgrove- Done
Darkwater Crossing - Done
Stonehills - Done
Riverwood - Done

Winterhold - on Hold
Falkreath - on Hold

Orc Bases
Dushnikh Yal - Done
Largashbur - Done
Mor Khazgur - Done

Riften - on Hold
Solitude - on Hold
Whiterun - on Hold
Windhelm - on Hold
Markarth - on Hold


Compatibility and Requirements

Updated Skyrim to latest is recommended.
The mod is not compatible with anything that modifies the same Cell and/or Area.
This mod should be compatible with texture mods.

SOUTH DRAGON BRIDGE - Fight Against the Thalmor IV the Optional Only!

Mainfile is Compatible with ETAC ONLY if you use the "Modular" version.

Rorikstead - Conflict
Darkwater Crossing - Conflict
Dragon Bridge - Compatible
Kynesgrove - "Compatible"
Riverwood - Compatible
Morthal - Compatible
Dawnstar - Compatible
Falkreath - Compatible
Ivarstead - Compatible


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DARKF0X127 for AWSOME Tutorials!
Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls series
Thanks to my friend CHkaska for some testing and ideas.

Do not upload anywhere else without my permission!