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Yet another mod to sort your inventory! Supports all DLCs, as well as USKP, CFM and a few other major mods (like Immersive Weapons, Realistic Needs and Diseases, Falskaar etc.)

Permissions and credits

Another Sorting Mod renames most items so they sort properly
and thus provides a less tedious experience when managing your inventory.
It is also updated for the latest DLCs as well as some popular NEXUS mods
and actively supported!


A fellow modder has been kind enough to update ASM.
You might want to try it out and give Mebantiza some feedback.

Another Sorting Mod-2016



! Ammunition - Sorts arrows and bolts (Arrow - Type, Bolt - Type)

! Books - More consistent naming for Books, Notes, Letters, Orders, Recipes and such (some Notes are Letters now and vice versa)

! Crafting - Ores, Ingots, Gems etc. (Ore - Ebony, Ingot - Steel, etc.)

! Food - Similar types of food are sorted together (Soup - Vegetable, Soup - Cabbage, etc.)

! Ingredients - Same as Food (Flower - Mountain Red, Flower - Mountain Yellow)

! Miscellaneous - Sorts Clutter and such (Platter - Silver etc.)

! Potions - Sorted by strength (Frenzy III, Calm I, etc.) and potions made via alchemy are always at the top of the inventory (* Ravage Stamina *, etc.)

! Soul Gems - Quite straightforward sorting for these (Soul Gem - Petty, Soul Gem - Grand (Filled), etc.)

! Spells - I went for a more vanilla feel when doing these and I'm pretty happy with the results. For example Destruction Spells are sorted by damage type - Fire: Bolt, Frost: Lance, etc.

! Categorization - ASM also attempts to re-categorize some items f.e. some notes are no longer categorized as books, skulls categorized as clutter etc.

! Realistic weight - Re-balances inconsistent weight with some items f.e. small fish are no longer as heavy as big potions. It's OPTIONAL of course.

! Weight reduction - Reduces the weight for Crafting, Food, Ingredients, Potions and Scrolls. It's OPTIONAL of course.



- In most cased Tomes have their vanilla names because I don't feel like they need to be consistent with new spell names
since those are very close to vanilla. So the Spell Tome: Fireball gives you the Fire: Ball spell etc.

- To achieve better sorting results with Books, Roman numerals IV, IX and L use their alternatives IIII, VIIII and XXXXX (only used once fortunately) - does not apply to Potions. It might seem funny, but it's totally legit. If it bothers you pretend that Tamriel's written language uses unevolved Roman numerals.

- Things in the Inventory are sorted with [-] and spells in the Magick menu with [:]. Looks better in my opinion

- After some research i decided to classify Mazte (not a typo - original Morrowind name), Flin and Sujamma as Liquor and Shein as Wine

- Certain naming conventions may change in the future

- Check the Sticky posts in comments for info on recent and future updates



Remember the LOAD ORDER is important when installing mods. To put it simple: a mod loaded on TOP of the load order will be overwritten by all the mods below and a mod loaded on the BOTTOM of the list will overwrite all the mods above - IF there is something to overwrite. I cannot tell you where to load ASM precisely, so don't be afraid to experiment a bit.

As any other sorting mod, ASM will "conflict" with most overhaul mods that deal with potions, crafting materials, spells, books and so on. Nothing can be done about this, except to choose a load order which would favor either sorting or overhaul. I'll provide compatibility patches for mods I consider essential or use myself though.

If you don't know what to do with your load order just use BOSS. As far as I know it handles ASM perfectly fine.

Currently Supported mods:

- Unofficial Patches (Skyrim - Heartfires - Dawnguard - Dragonborn)

- Customized Categorized Favorites Menu

- Apocalypse Spell Package *

- Better Skill and Quest Books Names *

- Book Covers *

- Categorized Favorites Menu *

- Categorized Favorites Menu ONI Edition *

- Empowered Magic *

- Falskaar *

- Immersive Weapons *

- Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD *

- Realistic Needs and Diseases *

- Skyrim Immersive Creatures *

- Weapons and Armor Fixes - Remade *

- Wyrmstooth *

- Complete Crafting Overhaul (just use the Better Sorting Version of CCO)

* These mods require sorting/compatibility patches. You can find them in the downloads section



I would like to thank Headbomb and Valdacil for creating some of the most essential Skyrim mods out there (of course I mean their sorting mods). I would also like to thank favmenumodder and Onigamibr. The first one for making the brilliant CFM and the latter one for tweaking it to near perfection. Thank you guys/gals.

Another thanks goes to televator for making the Better Quest and Skill Book Names Compatibility patch.

Lastly I'd like to thank Ka3m0n for featuring ASM on GEMS.