Non-bias armor and weapon type start by gluumba
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Added: 21/02/2013 - 09:08PM
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I always thought it was stupid that you could only get heavy armor to start if you followed Ralof, only two handed if you follow Hadvar, and that Hadvar says there is plenty of gear and there is only one set.

-Well this mod fixes that by adding:
1:full set of imperial heavy armor
2:and an Iron Battleaxe (you can still dual wield to start with as there is one sword on the other rack and one in the chest)
3:And as request of HighSpeedZombie Archers aren't discriminated against either, a Long Bow and 25 Iron Arrows have been added to the chest in which you find the light armor helmet
4. and thanks to Totalkill there are now Shields, one Iron and one Hide. I did not add imperial as suggested because I'm a freak about game balance. if you'd like me to add imperial anyway please tell me

nothing special, but nice for new characters

this should not conflict with any mods other than ones that specifically change the shelf in which the armor is on and the weapon rack in which the battleaxe is on.

please rate and let me know if there is anything wrong or something you would like me to fix/ change/ add

There are two versions
1: does what the description says
2: does what the description says and lets you take Alvor's ingots regardless of who you follow into the keep.

Also on steam (optional part not included)