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The Telvanni wizard Neloth had been planning for many years to enhance his magical abilities by replacing his own heart with a Heart Stone, similar to how Forsworn Briarhearts replace theirs with Briar Hearts.
add spell which give YOU the fruit of neloth project on heartstone YOU can insert one at YOUR chest for amount of time to give YOU small state bonus
100 stamina/magica/health
50% stamina/magica/health regain
25% improved destruction/illusion/restoration
YOU can add the spell for now only through the console after the creation kit update i will make it that YOU can acquire the spell after the heartstone quest
spell name HeartstoneRitual
YOU will need a heartstone in YOUR inventory for this spell to work it wont take the amulet slot it take slot 54
usage for now is
help HeartstoneRitual 4
id will show up
player.addspelll id
and YOU are done
its ritual spell
with zero cost last for 5 min
the buff apply for the heartstone in general YOU all the enemies have heartstone will be slightly stronger