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Last updated at 4:46, 6 May 2013 Uploaded at 14:37, 21 Feb 2013

I can not speak English. Please forgive my poor English.
This MOD is append Nordic Style food.


(Epicurism Of Skyrim.esp)

Adds new foods for the player to craft:

(by CookingPot)
Apple Juice Apple Preserve
Bandit Soup Enbarsdricka
Fried Egg Hunters Pate
Kase Spatzle Nordic Tea
Porigge Ratatouyu
Roast Chicken Sauerkraut
Boiled Sausage Seafood Pie
Sernik Cheese Cake Snowberry Juice
Tea Royale Vegetable Omelette
Gluhwein OatmealStew
Oatmealbars KorvStroganoff
KaseFondue (& one hidden item)

Pemmican is a portable(light weight) stew.
You can recook it, when you like.
Probably, it is help to playing "Frostfall".

(by Tanning Rack)
Sausage Oatmeal

You can craft new foodstuff by Tanning Rack.


(Epicurism Of Skyrim_shop.esp)

Adds some new foods for the player to buy:
You can try it at various restaurants.
(It is especially at a stalled shop & CandleHearth Hall.)

Required file :Epicurism Of Skyrim.esp


Now you can use this mod with Realistic Needs and Diseases.
You must choice one main file set.

"Epicurism Of Skyrim_shopRNDpatch.esp"(ver0.3) has serious bug.
So I merged its functionwork "Epicurism Of Skyrim_RNDpatch.esp"(ver0.4)
Now you can play my MOD(RND.ver) only one esp file.
Please delete "Epicurism Of Skyrim_shopRNDpatch.esp"(ver0.3) from your disc.



Now you can remake Pemmican to stew normally.
(I had a bug for Pemmican items in ver0.3)

Now you(RNDusers) can buy new food item from NPC.
They sell it in street stall or CandleHearth Holl.

Some new food item are appended.