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Changes messages in the form of thoughts, increasing immersion and eliminating the vanilla narrator message feeling.

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TTYM - Think To Yourself Messages

Are you all about immersion mods? Do you like everything to draw you deeper into the world of Skyrim? Would you just rather have less of that third-person narrator feeling in the game? If any of these apply to you, Think To Yourself Messages will dramatically improve your experience! You can find some translations for other languages below, courtesy of various other authors for those who would prefer a language other than English.

This mod is based off of my previous mod for Oblivion (under the username Farm Fresh). The goal of this mod is to make the messages that appear during the game much more organic. Instead of having third-person messages such as "You cannot remove quest items from your inventory," this mod will instead make messages seem like thoughts from your character's head, such as "This is too important to drop!"

This does more than replace "you" with "I" in the game. The messages are constructed to seem more natural and immersive. Some examples of the messages include:

"This lock cannot be picked. It requires a key to open." -becomes- "It's impossible to pick. I'll need the key."
"You cannot sleep while trespassing." -becomes- "Sleeping while trespassing would not be wise..."
"You have contracted [disease name]" -becomes- "I think I have contracted [disease name]."
"Do you want to serve your time in jail?" -becomes- "I could just serve my time in jail..."

The messages have all been proofread multiple times, so there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Give it a try and see the improvement for yourself!

You can see a short review of the mod, courtesy of insane0hflex, below. (Thank you!) TTYM begins at about 35 seconds, if you're pressed for time. Otherwise, stick around for his succinct, simple, and quality review!

Download the file with the download with manager button
Download and extract the .esp, then activate it before starting the game.

That's all!

Questions? Comments? Think you have a better way to give a certain message? Found an error? Even a small typo? Let me know via a Private Message or comment. Your comments are important to me. Don't feel like what you have to say is not important enough. See the Readme on this page for more information.

Feel free to tweak the mod to your own liking to give your character a different feeling. (Just don't upload the tweaked file anywhere without permission.)

The Frostfall Module is here! Grab the beta version over at the files page! Now Frostfall will sound as immersive as it makes Skyrim feel!

Do you use Skyrim Heart Rate? Mod author Freso has made a mod that changes the messages in Skyrim Heart Rate to the same first person style. You can find it here:
Skyrim Heart Rate - TTYM Patch

Prefer a different language? No problem! Below are the translations currently available, courtesy of their respective authors!

Polish Translation by LordTorus
German Translation by length2

Planned for future updates:
- Changes to popular mods' messages, such as Better Vampires.
- Different styles for different types of characters
- This one plans a Khajiit version