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marcousik - richmondb for whetstone

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Allows Armor and Weapons to Degrade as you travel and fight. By Marcousik, original version at

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Welcome. This mod is an alternate and continuation of the mod Weapons and Armor Degradation by Marcoousik. Most Excellent modder, far superior in scripting to me. Found at While he is available for questions he does not have time to be hands on anymore.
The mod allows higher immersion by introducing degradation of armor and weapons, including those provided by many other mods. Degradation can be caused by simple passage of time or combat. If placed last in load order this mod will try to use weapons and armors from other mods.

New In version 1.5 : Broken Weapons and Armors can now be repaired by a blacksmith. Fee is 50 gold per point degraded.

Whetstones to repair weapons, thanks to richmondb . His mod is at

***NOW WITH SkyRe Support!!!***

German translation:

Notes and Hints Reported by Users:

1. Do NOT include into the Batch Patch from Wrye and not into the ReProcesser File
2. So to do it correctly: Deselect the mod, make the Patches and reactivate it.
3. After activation of mod you will lose all enchantments. Re-enchanting works.
4. When installing say NO to overwriting Scroll.pex. It sneaked in there somehow, not used by mod.

1- MCM Menu to allow you to customize it to your taste. See picture on top but keep in mind that the menu has grown to three pages.
2- Works with mods that add new armors or weapons as long as they mods do not change vanilla items
3- Works now with Ace Archery which indeed changes vanilla items. A lot of work but Ace mod is worth it.
4- Works now with SkyRe as of 2/27/2013 . Also changes vanilla items. Another excellent mod.
5- Whetstones can be purchased or found to repair weapons
6- Blacksmith Hammers can be purchased or bought to repair armor and weapons (may make it only armor soon).

Reported by users as working fine with with inmersive armor, inmersive weapons, skyre and skyre reproccer.

Who Is this For?
Players who love to worry about hunger, cold, diseases, etc in game. Adds more immersion without undue house keeping.
Who Is this NOT for?
Player expecting perfection. Be happy that it even works most of the time.

The effectiveness of the weapon and armor lessens as it wears out or gets damaged. This can be reversed at a blacksmith or with a Repair Hammer (think Oblivion).
Some factors taken into account:
- Material it is made of
-Type of attack, bash, power attack, etc
Items are found in condition "unknown", and by simply equipping them they are identified. But only up to three identical items can be in inventory as identified items. The rest can stay, but as "unknown" until you sell or get rid of one of the three identified ones. If you rather items be auto identified, use MCM menu to toggle option. But you will not be able to carry more than 3 of a single item no matter what until toggled back. Simpler to use that explain.

To Install (New Game -see upgrading after this section):
- At the end of the intro, escaping from Helgen, you will find in your inventory a ring named "item degrade". Equip this ring to access a simple message menu to select the mode of degradation you want. Can also be deactivated there.

Note: Skyui 4.1 required in order to use MCM menu, or the noMCM menu utility that that group offers as a compromise.

To Install as UPGRADE: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!

Best to use this mod with a new game, but if you must do otherwise:

1) It is generally best to go to an interior cell, and smaller cells are best. An interior cell is apparent because you have a loading screen when you "open" the door from the outside (such as when you enter most buildings).
2) Deactivate mod using Ring
3) Create a NEW save (i.e. not a quicksave), and exit the game. Call this savegame "Dirty". You can do this at the console, type "save dirty" .
4) Exit game. Deactivate the old mod using nmm, BUT DO NOT UNINSTALL IT!!! Just untick it from the mod list.
5) Start game and load the "Dirty" savegame.
6) Immediately create a NEW save and exit the game. Call this savegame "Clean". Again, you can save from the console with "save clean" .
7) Remove old version completely
8) Install new version
9) Start game. Load your save.

Depends on you guys. I am pretty happy with it as of 1.1 but I will be around.

If you like this please endorse to honor the actual modder , Marcoousik. My contributuions are important to me but only .1 percent compared to his work.