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I can't speak English well.

Enigma is not spell. It is ability. It will not appear on your spell list.

It can enchant the “Guardian Enchantment” to equip weapon. It will select a target. It will summon the Guardian.

Guardian is a relentless terminator. It kills the enemy as you want. If you want, it kills fellows or essential NPCs.


SKYUI 3.1 and SKSE 1.6.6+ is required.
Skyrim 1.8.151+

If you can't see "Nausicaa's enigma" in MCM menu, (when you use SKYUI 3.2 or 3.3)

1. Open console : press '~' key <- left of '1' key
2. type this command

setStage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1

3. Close console : press '~' key

1. Add New Gardian type : Homing
2. Add New Attack Spell : Missile - Adept
3. Fix Spell Effect Invisible
4. Fix Eternal Detection Effect - Add remove spell
5. Other various...


1. One-shot & High jumping --------------------------------------------------- 2. Range & on riding horse, call My horse

3. Mad Slayer & Never die ------------------------------------------------------ 4. provide by Electronic Gaming Monthly


1. After you complete the quest, enigma given should be equipped.
(Notice: If you do not fulfill the two goals "Find Enigma" menu is not activated. Other menus are available only if you equip the Enigma.)

2. If you do not equip the enigma "Add Guardian Enchantment" menu is not activated.

3. Any weapon mounted on the right hand. It has nothing to do with, even though they are strengthening or enchanting.

4. You select the “Nausicaa‘s Enigma” at the “Menu Configuration” menu.

5. Click “Add Guardian Enchantment”

6. Guardian Enchantment is temporarily applied enchantment. The game is finished, the Guardian Enchantment effects disappear. When you started the game, you should enchant it again.

7. Pressing F1 will be launched. It is also possible to ride a horse. Trigger key is possible to change.

8. This spell is to select the target to attack. Enemies are marked with the red and blue (essential) effect.

9. The guardian attacks marked enemies. Wide-area attack: don't fall victim in the same section (temporarily protects by raising the health).

For more information, see the ReadMe file in main file.

1. “[Nausicaa] Call My Horse” spell in Powers ? Shout key (Z) : Bring your horse.
2. “Adjust Jumping Height” ? You can adjust the player's jumping height. This information is stored in the save-file.

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I had to use some of the mesh of elisees.
Special thanks to elisees.

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