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Added: 19/02/2013 - 05:47PM
Updated: 20/02/2013 - 01:41PM

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Last updated at 13:41, 20 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 17:47, 19 Feb 2013

Designed to bring the charm from Oblivion to Skyrim, that excess flora colour and charm(non realistic).

Went though and removed all textures that generally effect anything outside reach/forest and midland Skyrim.(they wernt tweaked and fixed to begin with so they shouldnt really have been included but it was a alpha demo, some textures are global plants so they will be found elsewhere).
Turned Reach dead trees into blooming Ornamental Chinese Peach Trees(yes they are that colourful in real life)
Tweaked most textures to turn down brightness and made textures fit together better on the whole. While keeping the super lush look.
Tried to tweak any weird looking colour differences or just plain wrong looking textures.

If you find any weird textures/missmatches in Rift,Midland and reach areas please let me know.

This mod works best using

Lush Grass
Increase grass size.

Glorious grass
Increase grass Density.

Realistic Water and Terrain
Improve water areas of the game.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul Summer Edition
Install Skyrim Flora Overhaul Summer Edition first and then install this mod.
It will want to Overwrite files, thats ok let it.

No bugs known.
None of these are required.
SO far as I have not done any extra placements or added new flora or increased texture sizes(except for reach peach tree) there should be almost no FPS hit if you install it by itself.

Considered beta, in that it should look great depending on your tastes and there shouldnt be any broken areas due to texture mismatch.

Due to most people not likeing my idea, this maybe the final version simply due to the manhours that would be required to properly implement my vision.

This mod is seperate from other flora mods in its not aiming for realism but charm
This mod shouldnt cause any bugs with skyrim as its just a texture replacer for now.

Use mod manager or extract to Skyrims data folder or manual install.
No compatablity issues overall with other mods no ESP or scripts, it will only clash with other mods that change the same flora and terrain textures.(only terrain with organic matter is modified in this mod)
to remove delete landscape folder in skyrim\data\textures\ or remove with mod manager.
If you want the textures to overide other mods, add this mod last and overwrite any files.
You may need to reinstall other mods if they had files in Landscape folder and you delete it.