Disenchantment Font - Wipe old enchantments from items by lexman6
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==========Disenchantment Font - Wipe Enchantments from items!==========
author: lexman6
version: 1.1
credits: Bethesda for the game and the creation kit wiki

Avaliable on the Steam Workshop and on Skyrim Nexus

NOTE: Requires SKSE

This mod allows you to remove enchantments from weapons and armour, reverting them to their base item state via the use of a 'Disenchantment Font'.

To remove an enchantment from an item, search the Disenchantment Font then 'store' any item you want disenchanted into the Disenchantment Font. The font will then spend a few seconds removing the enchantment then it will put the disenchanted item back into your inventory. If a disenchantment couldn't be performed then the item will be placed back into your inventory the same as you put it in.

Disenchantment Fonts can be located in
-Hjirm, Honeyside, Vilendral Hall, Proudspire Manor once the Enchanting addon is purchased
-Dragonsreach, in the mage's room next to the Alchemy table and Arcane Enchanter.

Any item that has been enchanted by the player can be eaisly disenchanted.

Items spawned with an enchantment can also be disenchanted provided there is a version of the item that lacks the enchantment.

Does not disenchant DLC items or items that have a unique shape (such as Dragon Masks, Nightingale equipment, Ebony Mail, etc) or staffs.

Any smithing improvements will be removed on disenchantment regardless if the enchantment was actually removed.

1. Copy disenchantment_font.bsa and disenchantment_font.esp to Skyrim/Data/
2. Enable disenchantment_font.esp in your load order

1. Delete disenchantment_font.bsa and disenchantment_font.esp

Shouldn't cause any problems with any other mod.

-Some robes may slightly change appearance upon disenchanting
-Hooded robe versions will likely be replaced with non hooded versions
-Disenchanting certain (scaled) quest reward items can result in a different base value
-Disenchanting DB items usually increases the base stats a little
-The font also cleans any items of stolen status :)

===Future versions===

-Include all possible vanilla items
-Switch from a disenchantment font to a menu option in the Arcane Enchanter (Anyone out there good with flash?)
-Make script compatiable with all possible enchanted items (Unique, items from other mods, DLCs)


-Drastically improved disenchanting time
-Added a Disenchanting Font to qasmoke

-The follow now can be also be disenchanted
All Dragon Masks (excluding DLC)
All Daedric artifacts (excluding jewelry and DLC)
Dragur 'ghostly' weapons