Vlindrel Secret Treasury by TheSecretMaster
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Added: 18/02/2013 - 11:59PM
Updated: 17/04/2015 - 09:44AM

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This mod adds a secret treasure vault to the player house in Markarth.

You don't have to buy the treasury from the steward like the other house decorations. It has always been there but was forgotten a long time ago. When you visit Vlindrel Hall the next time just search around the house and you will discover the hidden entrance.


The entrance should be very easy to find. (It is open by default)
Inside the treasury you will find treasure of course. (There are some empty boxes for you to fill too)
The traps can be disabled from within. (Yes, there are traps)


Once you managed to repair the golden dwemer spider on one of the pedestals in the treasury, it will follow you around and automatically collect all the gold from chests, corpses, etc...
It won't fight. When it is hit in combat it will become invisible for a short time and run away.
It won't steal anything or kill anyone. Which means you can take it downtown no problem.
It is not a regular companion and doesn't occupy the follower slot.


The display table is scripted to automatically stack all metal ingots on top.
You can either just drop ingots from your inventory on to the table.
Or if you want to add a large number of ingots at once you can put them into the table and they will be added to the stack one by one.
The picture shows the table fully stacked with 91 gold ingots.


Sometimes when fast traveling it takes a little longer for the spider to get there. Solution: Either wait an hour or just move on, the spider will catch up sooner or later.
The spider will take the gold from locked containers. Well, not that bad and nothing I can do about it.

HOW IT WORKS (The gold collecting Spider)

You might think it's probably very script heavy but actually the attached script just handles the command menu and some other unimportant things. The trick is a custom AI package which makes the spider follow the player and at the same time look out for gold pieces.


V4.8: Spider AI improved. It will now stay back while the player is fighting or sneaking. Also added the light foot perk.

V4.5: Custom texture for the spider ( more gold like ) . Replaced lightning traps. Enabled fast traveling from the treasury.

V4: Made the spider a little bit smaller and faster. You can jump over it now. Also improved the spider's command menu. Inside the treasury I rearranged things to make room for another ingot display and tweaked the lighting

V3.5: added missing files to bsa archive, sorry to all who tried this before, please try again, it will work now

V3: added display table for metal ingots and fixed a couple minor bugs (gold pickup sound sometimes not playing and a door saying it was barred from the other side while it was not barred at all)

V2: added the golden spider

V1: initial release, just the treasury itself