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Added: 18/02/2013 - 12:42PM
Updated: 20/02/2013 - 07:48PM

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Last updated at 19:48, 20 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 12:42, 18 Feb 2013

English is not my native language so i hope the description dose not confuse anyone, its a simple mod that let you create Filled And empty SoulGems at the forge.

* V1.2 Fix grand Soulgem recipe now it requires an empty one to create it.

* How to use :
The recipes for the soulgems is as follows:-

-petty Soulgems Require Enchanter Rank 1 (Perk Version)
2 Moonstone Ore + Magicka Sap = 1 Petty Soulgem
1 Moonstone Ingot + Magicka Sap = 2 Petty Soulgems
1 petty Soulgem+Magicka Sap = Filled petty Soulgem
2 petty Soulgems = 1 Lesser Soulgem
4 petty Soulgems = 1 Common Soulgem
8 petty Soulgems = 1 Greater Soulgem
16 petty Soulgems= 1 Grand Soulgem

-Lesser Soulgems Require Enchanter Rank 1 (Perk Version)
1 lesserSoulgem+MagickaSap= 1Filled Lesser
2 Lesser Soulgems = 1 common
4 Lesser Soulgems= 1 Greater
8 Lesser Soulgems= 1 Grand

-Common Soulgems Require Enchanter Rank 2 (Perk Version)
1Common Soulgem+MagickSap= 1Filled Common
2Common Soulgems= 1 Greater
4Common Soulgems= 1 Grand

-Greater Soulgems Require Enchanter Rank 3 (Perk Version)
1Greater Soulgem+ MagickaSap= 1 Filled Greater Soulgem
2Greater Soulgems=1 Grand Soulgem

-Grand Soulgems Require Enchanter Rank 4 (Perk Version)
1 Grand Soulgem+ MagickaSap=1 Filled

-Black Soulgems Require Enchanter Rank 5 (Perk Version)
1 Grand Soulgem+VampireDust= 1 Black Soulgem
1 Black Soulgem+VampireDust+MagickaSap=1Filled Black Soulgem

All of the above created at the Forge.

Magicka Sap Require Alchemist Rank 1 (Perk Version)
1 Blue MountainFlower +1 Red Mountain Flower = 1 Magicka Sap (use a cooking pot)

(Magicka Sap) Properties is Restore magick, Restore health, resist magic and regenerate health.

in the perk version items won't appear unless you have the perk it requires

I hope its not confusing anyone, if it is please let me know :)
feedback and Endorsment is greatly appreciated.

* Feel Free to use the mod as you see fit as long as you give credit for it.

* Finally i hope that you enjoy the mod.