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Gendundrup and Alienslof

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A texture replacer for the Dremora face

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DO NOT UPLOAD THIS ANYWHERE ELSE. This is currently a nexus exclusive mod.

Sick of your Dremora looking like tattooed Dunmer? Then, this texture mod is for you.

This is a mod that gives you a variety of different choices on how your Skyrim's Dremora will look. The options you have are:
-Morrowind Style
-Alienslof's Oblivion Style Red
-Alienslof's Oblivion Style Yellow
-Xivilai Style
-Battlespire Style

How to change the default Dremora eyes:
1. Take any eye .dds file from Oblivion or Skyrim
2. Rename it
3. Place it in data/textures/actor/character/eyes
4. Summon a Dremora Lord and see his new pretty eyes.

This replaces the Dremora tattoos that are present when the complexity is as maximum. If you're wondering why it's not appearing on your Dremora character, it's because you have not turned the complexity up.

What's new in 1.7?
Yellow eyes for Xivilai

Future plans:
Converting the body texture too. Might be a little more difficult since unlike Oblivion, Dremora don't look like they use their own body texture.
Add Oblivion style Dremora as an optional file.
Make it so all the faces are compatible with eachother.
War paint versions of the tattoos.

Reccomended mods:
Grimoa's Dremora Customization-
This mod adds MORE eyes for the Dremora, and if you don't like them, you can always just replace them with eyes from another mod.

This mod has the yellow eyes I use on my Xivilai character.

Ask me before using any of the textures in your mod.

It will obviously conflict with any mod that changes the face of the Dremora.
The only other one on SkyrimNexus is
The three different parts of the mod also all conflict with eachother, so only use one.