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Even more spells are available in Forbidden Magic: Spell Pack 2! Get it here!
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v. 1.3.5


Finally finished! This was definitely a fun mod to make and it's given me lots of ideas for Forbidden Magic Spell Pack 2. I want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who has and will endorse, comment, and download this mod. I make mods for you guys, so it's always awesome when I get to hear from you!

The goal of this mod series is to add unique spells and powers to Skyrim, while still staying lore-friendly and balanced. Each spell pack contains 10 spells and powers. The content of each pack is largely influenced by your suggestions -- so speak up! If there's something you want added, changed, balanced, or just plain deleted, tell me!



All spell tomes can be found in Dragonsreach, first room on your right, on Farengar's table next to the white shelf.

Flare: A powerful fireball that flings back targets in a very satisfying way :D

Dark Blast: A sinister spell that deals damage and absorbs the target's soul when it dies.

Mutagen: A toxic blast that does damage instantly and a little bit of damage over time. The more the spell is used on the same target, the more powerful the damage over time gets.

Intense Lightning: A really sexy blast of lightning that sends enemies flying.

Killer Bees: I hate bugs. I hate needles. Bees are freakin' FLYING BUG-NEEDLES!!! Basically a spray type spell, like Flames. But with flying bug needles.

Light Beam: If you took a big magnifying glass and taped it to your hand on a sunny day, then found a bunch of ants... and then you took out a flamethrower... Well, this is nothing like that. It does do extra damage to undead, though! :D

Spatial Distortion: Paralyzes and throws back enemies, AND makes a pretty little swirly thingy!

Summon Ghostly Steed: Summons a spectral horse with awesome glowy red eyes. He is 75% faster than normal vanilla horses and can't die.

Cataclysm: Don't you want to be like Alduin, shooting meteors all over the place and just basking in the chaos and destruction? Well now you can! Introducing Cataclysm; the ultimate spell! It can be yours, for only $19.99! Haha! Got you, didn't I? I'd never charge you guys $19.99 for a spell... It's actually $99.99 :P

Waterstriding: A spell that gives the caster the ability to walk on water! Marvelous!



-Added all spells to their respective leveled lists, so they can now be found in loot from monsters, chests, etc.
-Fixed a typo in the Summon Ghostly Steed spell effect that could possibly cause some small bugs.

-Moved the tomes back to the table next to Farengar because Farengar sometimes refuses to sell the spells. They are free now, but must be stolen.

-Fixed a glitch causing Farengar not to sell the spells to the player.

-Removed all spells from Dragonsreach and gave them to Farengar so he could sell them.
-Made Cataclysm much less expensive.
-Made Waterstriding a spell with a set duration instead of a concentration spell, so now you have both hands free and can not only walk, but also sprint across water.
-Minor tweaks and bug fixes.

-Added a hit effect to the Dark Blast spell. Now the target will turn red when they are hit with it.
-Changed Intense Lightning into a Master level spell.

-Changed Mutagen into a Destruction spell because it was wierd when it was an Alteration spell.
-Decreased the Magicka costs of a few spells. Mostly Intense Lightning and Summon Ghostly Steed.
-Gave Mutagen a new impact effect.
-Fixed a glitch causing Spatial Distortion to heal enemies.
-Fixed a glitch preventing Dark Blast from absorbing souls.
-Replaced Dragonborn's Rage with the Waterstriding spell.
-Changed Mutagen's sound effects a bit.
-Fixed a glitch causing enemies to go flying when killed by Mutagen's damage over time effect.
-Corrected a stupid mistake on my part that sometimes prevented spells from being affected by relevant perks.

-Gave Dark Blast a more appropriate sound effect.
-Fixed nearly all compatibility issues -- nearly all.
-Fixed Spatial Distortion's decal wanting to stay on the ground.
-Changed spells to higher tiers.
-Changed the visuals for Spatial Distortion, Flare, and Light Beam, and removed the damage effect from Spatial Distortion.
-Moved all tomes to Dragonsreach.
-Balanced out spells' magicka costs.
-Changed Dark Blast from Conjuration to Destruction.
-Added the Cataclysm tome and spell, and the Dragonborn's Rage power.

-Added the Ghostly Steed npc, spell tome, and summon spell.