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[Important Message To My Mod Users, Console Gamers and Mod Makers]

After finishing the Companions quest line, Aela is supposed to offer a quest to locate the Totems of Hircine, objects that enhance your werewolf howls. Except she usually doesn't, because the chance of that dialog showing up seems to be random (or possibly just broken), so you end up endlessly doing Animal Extermination quests instead, hoping she'll eventually offer a Totem quest and swearing at Bethesda for how aggravating the whole process is.

With this mod, she will ALWAYS offer the quest, once she and the other Companions return from the Tomb of Ysgramor. You may have to wait a few days in Whiterun for them to return. After they return and the game restarts the "Talk to the Companion Leaders For Work" quest, you can go right to Aela to start the first Totem quest, and then do all three of them, one right after the other, without pause.

No more waiting, no more endless Animal Extermination quests, no more monkeying with the console, no more saving, reloading and walking in and out of doors to make her trigger the quest. Now it just works the way it should have all along.

Aela will also still offer Animal Extermination quests. You start those quests by telling her "I'm looking for work." To start the Totems quest, ask her "Is there any work to be done?" If you recruited her as a follower, you will need to dismiss her first.

Aug 8, 2015:
New optional plugin that simply enables all the totems right from the beginning, in case Aela STILL refuses to give the proper quests. Renders the main plugin unnecessary. See the pinned note in the comments section for more details.