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Paleshine ENB

is even colder than vanilla Skyrim, yet displays selected colours with much more intensity and vibrance. This leads to a mysterious, grim and noir world that still brims and shines with colourful riches. The colour selection is done by some self written algorithm I tested for some really long time.

I use Paleshine with a 3D Vision (stereo 3d) setup and it's simply mindblowing. Therefore, for 3D vision users I post extra instructions at the end of this mod information.


1) Please do the installation manually and place all the files from the unzipped Paleshine ENB directory, including its subdirectories, into your Skyrim install folder, where the SkyrimLauncher.exe is located. In the end you should e.g. find enbseries.ini in the same directory as SkyrimLauncher.exe.

2) Additionally please download the ENB series, version 0.117 beta by Boris Vorontsov, from this page:
After unzipping this archive, go into its WrapperVersion subdirectory and just copy the file named d3d9.dll. Place that d3d9.dll into your Skyrim directory, too. Really important note: Please use exactly this version - newer versions will not work as intended with Paleshine

3) When starting Skyrim don't fortget to activate the already included FurtherDarkDungeons.esp (all credits to Mindflux/artem1s, see also below)

4) I strongly advise downloading and activating the following three mods (without them you will have very different looks than intended):

RevampedExteriorFog by Greg Manthey (Gargorias)
Remove Ambient Interior Fog by Greg Manthey (Gargorias)
Mike Foxs Darker Dungeons by Mike Fox (without it, dungeons and interiors will be brighter and less atmospheric than intended)

Please make sure that the .esp file coming with Mike Foxs Darker Dungeons (Dark Light Templates.esp) is activated as last (or at least at a very late stage) in your load order. Otherwise, it tends to get overwritten by other files dealing with lihgting that are at least in this setup up not supposed to take precedence over Mike Foxs Darker Dungeons. BOSS is placing the Dark Light Templates.esp not low enough in load order.

Please make sure that in your Skyrimprefs.ini (found e.g. on a Vista64 system under users/"username"/mydocuments/mygames/skyrim/) you have the following set:
(the first two are optional while the last one is a must)

6) Driver Settings
I use the lastest Nvidia driver (on a GTX 690). I have set antialiasing to application controlled (the included smaa by Andrej Dudenhefner (alias mrhaadni) handles this) . Anisotrophic filtering is activated on driver level at 16x quality. Texture Quality is set to high quality and Tripple Buffering is on (while allowing to use the V-Synch setting of the application).

7) Ingame graphic settings (launcher and options menu)
I have brightness all the way down (this may vary for you depending on your monitor calibration, but it's very likely you will also want a very low ingame brightness setting).
Anti Aliasing and Anisotrpoic filtering are turned off within the launcher options (the driver & the injected SMAA do that for us). No FXAA either. All other settings to the highest possible options (ultra), including shadows. Of couse, it depends on your system if you want to make some cmpromises here.
If this is too performance hungry, please try to set Anti Aliasing to a lower level with the included injector.ini file.

8) Monitor settings
Hard to give advice here. My monitor is rather bright, but in the end it's just important to keep in mind that the monitor of course plays a role that has to be compensated for if need be by some fine tuning.

9) Other graphic mods and left overs from ENB installations
Please make sure you remove other graphic files from other ENB or similar graphic modifications (like e.g. from Realistic Lighting, effect. ini files from other ENB that did e.g. sharpening as such techniques are not used here, etc.).

Specifics for 3d Vision

1) Skyrimprefs.ini
Please make sure that in your Skyrimprefs.ini (found e.g. on a Vista64 system under users/"username"/mydocuments/mygames/skyrim/) you have the following set:
This is very important as it fixes all of the shadow problems occuring otherwise.

2) Download (see download section here) and install "Dorkirt's Skybox Mesh Mods" to fix stars and clouds. Many thanks to Dorkirt and also Chizow for keeping them posted over at the 3D Vision Compatibilty project, too.

3) Download (see download section here) and install "3D Vision Water Fix" to fix water glitches. Many thanks again to Chizow for keeping them posted over at the 3D Vision Compatibilty project, too.

4) Download (see download section here) and install "No Moons" to remove the otherwise misplaced moons. Many thanks again to Akindain for his No Secunda Moon mod whioch was the inspiration for this one.

5) Turn ingame hud tranparency to 100% (optional, not for fixing in a strict sense). Recommend though.

All the best



Boris Vorrontsov for his great ENB Series
HeliX/HeliosDouble6/HeliX666 for his fantastic 3D Vision project: HeliXMod
Eqiztara and Arioch for being very helpful and active in that project
Dorkirt for fixes on 3d meshes for starts and sky
Chizow for the 3D Vision Complete Compatibility Project, including the water fix
Jorge Jimenez, Jose I. Echevarria, Tiago Sousa, Diego Gutierrez and Andrej Dudenhefner (alias mrhaadni) for the brilliant smaa soultion I have just included here - all credits to these brilliant guys, see here for more:
Matso for his absolutely amazing Depth of Field effect that I use with his permission here (also to Kyo for I use the iteration of Matso's new Bokeh from Countervibe here - it leads to less stereo 3d distortion glitches)
MikeFox for the superb Darker Dungeons Mod that simply is a must to use for me
TheRadikal for his twists on the enbeffect.fx and the enbpalette.bmp file that I further modified with his consent and include here
Mindflux/artem1s for the essential FurtherDarkDungoens Mod that he kindly allowed me to integrate into the Grim Gem ENB package
Sharpshooter8 for inspring me to start this with his amazing ENB's
Confidence Man for his water foam retexture that helps water fom brightness under control at night time
Puuloo for his great More Dynamic Shadows Mod that I suggest to keep a very close eye on - he's just giving it the last refinements to make it really perfect and then I will gladly and thankfully use it