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One of my Minecraft's buildings gave me an idea of floating islands. And now it's ALIVE!

I created some islands doesn't connected by anything (Beside some rocks to go from one islands to another). They're floating in the sky (F*CK PHYSICS) above oceans of Nirn.

Teleport between Skyrim and Detricon is in Whiterun.

1)Fixed Bug with invisible trees on the lower island.
2)Added 4 Major islands. One of them has a player home area.

1)Added 2 large and 1 common island.

1)Added 2 huge isalnds.
2)Fixed ore veins bug.
3)Added a teleport to the Lower Detricon.

1)Added 2 Islands and Town Ruins to the Lower Detricon.

Known Bugs:
1)There is no NPC and they cannot be added (for me at least).

They're now only 15 but I'll made more in some time.


I need somebody to create unique meshes and textures for my project. I think there should be not only moderate and cold climates, but some other themes.