Housecarls Wear Nordic Carved Armor by Stereonpl11
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Last updated at 11:36, 24 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 10:03, 17 Feb 2013

As skilled warriors I think the Nordic Carved Armor is more appropriate to Housecarls than a basic Steel Armor. This mod doesn't apply to Lydia, since you first met her very early in the game and the Nordic Carved Armor is not meant to appear before you reach level 25.

The four concerned housecarls now wear a Nordic Carved Armor Set (without helmet), use a nordic shield and I changed their weaponry :

Argis the Bulwark (Markarth) wields a nordic mace.

Calder (Windhelm) wields a nordic war axe.

Iona (Riften) wields a nordic war axe.

Jordis the Sword Maiden (Solitude) wields a nordic sword.

I hope you enjoy this little improvement.

The Dragonborn DLC is required to use the mod.