Black Books Begone by Ichikai
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Since one most likely won't need most, if any, of the black books after their quest is done and choice of boon made, and since they can't be used outside of Solstheim. I figured it'd be nice to get them out of the inventory and displayed in your house on Solstheim.
The bookstands are located first door on the left as you come down the stairs in Severin Manor. This is the player home you can acquire through a quest line.

Dragonborn DLC

v1.14 Everything should now only show up AFTER you own the house.
v1.14b Same as above for the DLC elder scroll rack
v1.13 Added rack for non-DLC elder scroll
v1.12 Added separate .esp for DLC elder scroll rack
        Note: Remove scrolls from display if you were using the other optional file (v1.0c) before installing this one
v1.11 Added pedestal for Oghma Infinium and can place Deathbrand Treasure Map on wall
v1.1 Altered textures on pedestals, few other esthetic changes, cleaned mod
v1.0c Same as v1.1 but with elder scroll rack added
v1.0b Just some cleaning
v1.0a Initial Release

This is my first published mod so,
DISCLAIMER: If your computer blows up or worse, it wasn't me. I swear!
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