Devlina - Full Level 81 Save - For testing purposes only by Seulgames
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Last updated at 20:49, 20 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 1:54, 17 Feb 2013

This save is intended for people that want a character for testing purposes and if you like it please endorse it. Note: all the quests including the DLC ones are completed and sorry for the low resolution images in the gallery.

Short description

- Race: High Elf
- Class: Battle Mage
- Armor: Mega Heavy
- No cheats, except for a few small side quests that didn't progress on their own and I had to use the console to set the stages
- All Skills: 100, leveling them bored me to death!!!
- 99.9% completed all Quests from Skyrim + Dawnguard + Dragonborn + Hearthfire, there might be 1 or 2 that I might have missed in the opened world
- Completed Hearthfire house and adopted 2 bastard children (boy & girl) and then moved the wife in. Horrible DLC, enjoy.
- Killed all vampired from Dawnguard
- You can now ride dragons and do other crazy stuff offered by the Dragonborn DLC
- Follower: Serana / Aela
- All shouts, or at least I think I got them all
- Beast form: Werewolf
- Civil War won by: Stormcloaks, it doesn't matter who wins
- Married to: Camilla Valerius
- Thane in all towns + all houses
- House: Solitude, most items and weapons are in the chest, at the end of the bed, on the top floor
- Horse: Shadowmere / Arvak
- Thanks to harryday247's fox eyes, i fixed a small "bug" o.O that made available two more perk points (80 + 2) at level 81, that were invested in the skill trees, so now they are removed.

Used Mods

- Unofficial Skyrim Patch
- Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
- Unofficial Dragonborn Patch
- Unofficial Hearthfire Patch
- Better Dialogue Controls
- Green Water Fix
- CBBE- by Caliente
- ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
- MacKoms Real Skin for Men
- Nuska Real Skin for Women
- Auriels Shield Gold
- Glorious Daedric Retexture

- Better third person combat camera - this are my settings:


My other Mods
- Bastion - Easter Egg Edition BETA
- Euro Tree House Updated