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Caethspell Caverns Overhaul (Original mod by "Cynster")
A Natural Player Home & Merchant Mod
English Version (V1.0)
by "Fireandflame" *


This is an overhaul of the beautiful Caethspell Caverns
presenting a player home and merchant mod for nature lovers or people who like secret places.
While trying to preserve the natural and idyllic atmosphere of the original mod all missing crafting stations are added
as well as more safe storage, beds for your followers, stables for your horse, and last not least two rather exotic merchants.


The original mod author is "Cynster" who gave permission in the comment section of the original "Caethspell Caverns" to edit and reupload her mod.
("No longer supporting this mod - you have my permission to edit and reupload as long as you give me credit as the original author.")
I had just discovered the beautiful cavern in-game and had already made some basic additions when I found this general permission -
and started to work on a more elaborate overhaul adding more stuff, fixing things, and introducing two pixie merchants.
They may not be lore-friendly but fit very well into Caethspell Caverns!

Link to the Original Mod


What you will find here:

- a fully navmeshed medium sized home in the border region between the Reach and Falkreath Hold far away from civilization and its hassles
(map marker and fast travel are activated)
- a quite extraordinary "house" mod that rather suits a mage or hunter type of character but a rogue might find the perfect hidden place here, too
- for "animal/garden lovers": A small farm area and a domestic fox, bear, and spriggan who live in the cavern plus lots of butterflies, fishes, and more
- it has complete crafting equipment, (single) stables, and three extra beds for followers
- a shrine of Kynareth on the ground level
- three "working" mannequins, one "working" bookcase, a lot of safe storage
- two rather unique merchants who are not lore-friendly but I think they suit this fantasy-cavern well - and merchants are so helpful for organizing your life out there :-)

I wouldn't wanna have normal vendors here, so I introduced Pixie Pokk and Pixie Moxx who roam the cavern and will buy and sell some stuff. They love to collect things and treasures and make the best of it.
Each has its own range of items, so you should have a look at both of them.
I didn't create a new race, they are "pixiefied" Bosmer, who don't use idle markers and furniture because this would alter their height with odd results.
Services: 24 hours
(I wanted Pokk to sell at daytime and Moxx during the night but Moxx lost her merchant dialogue then. Oh wonderful and mysterious world of factions and AI packages ;-))

You can find a more detailed list with the changes and additions in the readme.



I deleted the backmost chest in the smithy area that was so close to the cavern wall I couldn't access it anyway (some collision conflict I guess).
In case you have managed to place something in there, please take it out before installing this mod.

The cavern is sometimes a bit laggy on my newer system now (especially after entering), so it could cause problems on lower end computers.
It is a new world space containing a big cavern hall full of flora and fauna plus my additions.
In the end I deleted some insect spawn points and minor details (the vase of flowers for example) to improve performance.

Apart from that there are no other problems or conflicts I am aware of.

Maybe something you should be aware of - there is a dragon mound around the corner, not really far from the cavern entrance.


Requirements: None (only pure vanilla Skyrim ;-))

Recommended Mods

Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix by SLuckyD
(make those creepy manequins stay put!)

Spouses Can Live Everywhere by Amgepo and Emma
(but I don't know if it works in a new world space cavern, I hope so)

83Willows 101BugsHD Butterfly Dragonfly Luna-Moth Torchbug by 83Willow

Golden Vendors by RivvqPL

ENB: Seasons of Skyrim by Bronze316
But of course there are other beautiful ENB-mods!

Facial and body texture mods which I use and which effects you can see in the screenshots:
(I am using the following - especially Moxx will look different without them - for the better, the worse, or just different, who knows.)

Female body: CBBE by Caliente
(I am still using CBBE V3.1 slim)

Female face: Coverwomen by mrLenski
(I am using look #3)

Bright Eyes by Skree000
(I am using the latest version v1-3 for my NPCs)



NMM or manually:
Download the file, unpack, and drop the Data folder into your Skyrim folder (which already contains a "Data" folder).
Overwrite, if asked. (There are also meshes and textures included to fix the face tint bug.)
Check the "CaethspellCavernPlayerHome.esp" in your skyrim launcher/mod manager.



Cynster for the original "Caethspell Caverns" - I would have never built it on my own - but loved making an overhaul! Thank you so much for your beautiful work and the permission to edit and reupload!

Bethesda for this tremendous game (and the whole TES series) and countless other modders for adding so much to our Elder Scrolls universe (and inspiring my own modding experience).


Thank you and I hope you will enjoy the new Caethspell Caverns!

Of course constructive criticism, advice, and endorsements are always welcome ;-)


My other mods:

More Solstheim Followers

The Lucky Horker Inn A Merchant & Player Home & Follower-Mod


English is not my first language so please forgive any mistakes. Thank you :-)

In German "to be fire and flame for something" means to feel really enthusiastic about it -
that is why I chose this name some years ago when I started playing and modding Oblivion (and then Morrowind and Fallout3 and meanwhile Skyrim).