Dragonborn Disenchanting by Scrapperrm
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Added: 16/02/2013 - 05:04PM
Updated: 25/11/2016 - 06:28PM

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Uploaded by scrapperrm


Last updated at 18:28, 25 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 17:04, 16 Feb 2013

Requires Skyrim 1.8.15 update and the Dragonborn DLC

This mod allows you to disenchant:

*Ahzidal’s Armor of Retribution
*Ahzidal’s Boots of Waterwalking
*Ahzidal’s Gauntlets of Warding
*Ahzidal’s Helm of Vision
*Miraak’s Boots
*Miraak’s Gloves
*Miraak’s Mask
*Miraak’s Robes
*Black Guard's Armor
*Black Guard's Boots
*Black Guard's Gloves
*Black Guard's Hood
*Dwarven Black Bow of Fate
*Glass Bow of the Stag Prince
*Miraak’s Sword
*Miraak’s Staff now craftable at the staff enchanter

*Ring of Bloodlust
*Ring of Instinct
*Ring of the Hunt
*Ring of the Moon[/b]

*Ahzidal’s Ring of Arcana has a blank enchantment with an add spells upon equip script (Ignite & Freeze)
*Visage of Mzund has a script attached to add spell (steam breath) upon equip
Version 3.1 & up have a small startup script in the archive. This script will simply give you the Ignite & Freeze spells as well as the Breath of Nchuak without the requirement to equip an item.

***BloodSkaal is an embedded projectile weapon - looking into making a craftable weapon series based on it

Install/remove with the Nexus Mod Manager

Manual Install
Unzip the downloaded archive and extrract the Data folder to your /Skyrim directory

Manual Uninstall
Remove DragonbornDisenchanting.esp from your /Skyrim/Data directory
If v3.1 & up, also remove DragonbornDisenchanting.bsa from your /Skyrim/Data directory

*Mod in development, feedback is highly appreciated!!! Without your feedback, I Won't know what does doesn't work or what conditions may apply.

Checked with TES5Edit 3.0.28

Should work anywhere in your load order, however if you have a mod that conflicts with this one, you will need to move this one down below it in order to use.