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As all my mods, it's FREE and NEXUS-EXCLUSIVE, if you see it on Steam it's stolen.

Markarth - The White City turns boring vanilla Markarth into pure awesomeness!!!

> Same resolution as official Hi res DLC, good performance & good quality.
> All textures done from scratch by me, except normals that are based on vanilla ones, but heavily improved.
> Every single texture has been made to provide a consistent look and match it's enviroment.
> Good look with or without enb (extreme brightness/saturation/contrast enb configurations are not supported)
> 80 screenshots to show it at it's best, so stop reading have a look at them (and then come back and read the rest)

Markarth - The White City - Interiors expand the new look to markarth interiors and dwemer ruins (both use the same textures)
It has been separated because it will also modify dwemer dungeons, so you can chose what to get.

IMPORTANT: "Markarth-The White City-Interiors" includes ONLY interior, while "Markarth-The White City" includes ONLY exterior.
That said, i recommend getting both :)

First video by samv96UK, starts at 3:17.
Second video by hodilton.
Third video by BDmods.
Thank you :)

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Would be partially incompatible with mods that retexture the same objects (markarth and dwemer architecture).
For example, if you use Skyrim HD - Towns my textures will overwrite its Markarth textures.

Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) is highly recommended for faster & easier installation, but...
if you refuse to use this awesome tool you can do it manually:

1º/ Copy the downloaded content into your Data folder (usually: program files/Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data)
2º/ Overwrite if prompted
3º/ Enjoy!
4º/ Endorse... Thanks in advance :)


1º/ Think about it, do you really want to uninstall it?
2º/ If you are sure about it, proceed...

Again, if you used NMM it will be quite easy, otherwise do the following to remove it manually:

3º/ Delete the following folder or the files inside it (just what you installed)

>Datatexturesarchitecturemarkarth :for exterior texture pack
>Datatexturesdungeonsdwemerruins :for interior texture pack

Final Words
I really appreciate feedback, endorsements, comments, user screenshots and such...
Don't forget to enjoy it :)
Check out my profile for more mods!