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The thieves' Guild master needs a place to lay his head. Now he has that and much more to boot, adds in all crafting stations, an armory, storage for almost every category of item, and an impressive master bedroom that Brynjolf only wishes he could sleep in. Ha.

Actually, TheMadTemplar did most of the leg work. you can find his mod here

He was the one who put the time into laying out the awesome digs, and I want to take the time to thank him for that. I took some time to do a little tweaking. I've fixed both doors in the cistern. When using the door that originally went into the graveyard the player fell into the great grey void of Sithis. Now the ladder to the right of the cistern entrance leads back to the graveyard where it should lead.

Also, there was a ladder above a pool in the back toward the alchemy area. I've taken the time to fix this into a exit from Riften entirely. It's locked and uses the same key that is needed to enter into the Guild Master's quarters. Once used it leads to the the world space right next to the secret exit from Riften jail.

Secret entrance to the Flagon is by the blacksmith. Look near the wood pile and you should see some hay in the corner. The trap door is concealed by the hay, but it is visible enough once you get close to it to activate. Its a secret entrance after all. Need to hide it to keep Maul from getting any ideas and coming into the Flagon and harassing Dirge. He's already uptight as it is. Should be locked by default. The key is sitting on the bar inside the Flagon.

Fully updated Skyrim 1.8.151 I believe
Also, you will need General Stores found here

To TheMadTemplar for making us thieves a truly epic place to hang.
To Harvey2112 for making general stores
To Bethesda for giving us the elder scrolls games.
To you, cause if you are still reading I think thanks are in order.


This could be my save, but seems to mess with the dialogue firing during the under new management quest. Recommend saving before talking to Brynjolf. if issues occur, reload save talk to Brynjolf, wait a moment, then type SetStage 000d7b9e 50. Should complete the quest. also will have to add guild master armor by way of console. I'm not for sure how to fix this.


Version 1.0
Sorry for the long Hiatus, but downloaded the mod and was playing through it and found a couple of bugs. When you walk into the crafting area there was one spot which the room bounds didn't quite match up and you could see the void, fixed that. Also looked in the comments and saw that there were issues finding the key to the trapdoor in the Ragged Flagon. The key to the Flagon trapdoor is on the bar. It was flagged as owned and you had to steal it. I've set it to be owned by the player faction so you don't worry about having Dirge actually hit you over the head for grabbing it. Both keys use the Skeleton Key as their model.

This is the final version. I don't think that there are any other issues that I've come across. Thanks for all the continued support, and keep gaming.


Version 0.9
After trying it time and time again I gave up trying to set the room bound for the little alcove in the display area. deleted the dragon and just set up a wall, at least there will not be anymore peaking into the cistern from that area. The Sheogarath in me wants to say "what do you do when you have a whole in your wall? YOU GET SOME BRICKS AND FIX IT OF COURSE. Or you could fill it with cheese. I could have turned it into a giant Falmer head. He'd watch over you when you sleep. How'd you like THAT?" Anyway, also fixed two holes in the training room wall that was pointed out to me. There also doesn't seem to be any more light issues so I'm going to call this version 0.9. There is still the issue with the "Under New Management" quest. I have no idea what's causing this. It could be a mod conflict in my load order who knows. But for now this is going to be pretty close to final. Its been one headache after another working on this thing especially with the room bound markers because it is a unique set up in the building design of the guild hall. If there are any major bugs found bring it to my attention and I will try to fix once time allows.

Version 0.331
Fixed the broken portal into the armory from the hallway leading back to the alchemy area, fixed some erratic lighting I found in the master bedroom. Tweaked the lighting to help with immersion. Deleted the references to the deleted bookshelves in the master bedroom. Finished by cleaning with TES5Edit.

Version 0.33
Added in room bounds to help the problem with frame rate drop. Thanks to Darkfox127 for the tutorial on you tube. I noticed a large increase in frames per second in the main areas of the Guild. There is still frame rate drops in the area around the Display hall, the master bedroom, and the study. Sorry about that one. I'm thinking that it has to have something to do with all the loading screen objects. I'm going to try to see if deleting some of these will help with the frame rate.

When I first finished the updating the mod in Creation kit I tried loading my save and I had a CTD. What it took to fix was removing the mod. (don't worry about your stuff, as long as the general stores master is still active General Stores will save all your things.) Create a clean save away from the flagon and cistern. Then load up the updated mod... after that everything should be fine.

Version 0.32
Edited the water near the alchemist's nook and the back door so that it wouldn't be so deep. You won't have to swim to get to the alchemists nook anymore. Edited the navmesh a little bit so that followers can follow you into the alchemist's nook as well. Also, moved the keys to the master bedroom and the Raggon Flagon door. You;ll be able to find the key to the master bedroom on Mercer's desk, and the Flagon door key will be on the bar inside the Flagon. Also, it annoyed me that when I played i would see a floating statue of nocturnal. I set the statue to use the same enabler as the stones. So now, all three stones and the nocturnal statue should pop up only once you have completed the guild's quest line. ~UPDATED~ fixed the typo on the esp file. Must have had the insert key on cause the 2 in v032 overwrote the period before esp. should be working now.

Version 0.3
Fixed the rouge parent master file that was causing CTD issues. thanks to eternaldragonnm1 for pointing that out to me.

Version 0.2
Fixed issue with crypt door not loading into Riften.

Added More GS activators for storage and decoration around the Guild hall and set all GS activators to be player owned, Would hate to see Brynjolf getting into the cash stash after all.


Honestly, I'm starting to like the modding. Its long and sometimes a pain in the rear but the final product is pretty fun to see. I'm thinking about adding to the Sepulcher and making it into a nice little player base as well.