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Added MCM menu support for full customization
all in one package does not require any dlc
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Please notify me with suggestions and bugs that you have thank you very much

You will have bugs if you don't follow correct update procedure!


I found the vanilla system of looting an animal and instantly getting the pelt/meat/ingredient to be quite immersion breaking and I found it odd that a mod similar to this did not exist yet. Inlight of this I set out to create this mod to bring more immersion to hunting and gathering in Skyrim making my character invest time in every kill.

What It Does

To be honest there are no real changes to the vanilla game. This mod simply adds a small fade to black after looting certain items from animals, advances time, and fades back. Time advance for items is cumulative, so if a deer pelt is looted and a venison is looted more time will go by than if just a deer pelt was looted. Item such as gold, gem, soulgems, or armour will not advance time do to the fact that there are not part of the animal its self and do not have to be 'removed' from the animal.

If anyone finds the fade and sound after looting to get annoying and feel time should just advance during looting say so I've considered removing it myself anyway.

The logic used behind all the times used:

The pelts/hides - size of animal
The meats - size of animal and size of meat
The other stuff - difficulty to get out of animal

Current Version

Compatibility with the SkyRE Gatherer Perk decreases the amount of time for each item by a percentage for each rank taken.
Gatherer Rank 1 decreases time by 20%
Gatherer Rank 2 decreases time by 40%

units in hours

Item - Time


Deer Hide - 1
Deer Pelt - 1
Deer Hide 02 - 1
Cave bear pelt - 1.7
Bear Pelt - 1.7
Snow Bear pelt - 1.7
Fox Pelt - 0.4
Snow Fox Pelt - 0.4
Saber Cat Pelt - 1.5
Snow Saber Cat Pelt - 1.5
Werewolf Pelt - 1.8
Ice Wolf Pelt - 0.8
Wolf Pelt - 0.8
Horse Hide - 1.4
Cow Hide - 1.4
Goat Hide - 0.8
Raw Beef - 0.3
Leg of Goat - 0.2
Horker Meat - 0.3
Horse Meat - 0.3
Mammoth Snout - 0.2
Venison - 0.3
Dragon Bones - 0.5
Dragon Scales - 0.4
Horker Tusk - 0.2
Mammoth Tusk - 0.3
Eye of Saber Cat - 0.05
Bear Claws - 0.05
Hagraven Claws - 0.05
Hawk Feathers - 0.1
Hagraven Feathers - 0.1
Hawk Beak - 0.1
Raw Rabbit Leg - 0.1
Dog Meat - 0.2
Mudcrab Chitin - 0.1
Troll Fat - 0.2
Charred Skeever Hide - 0.1
Skeever Tail - 0.1
Small Antlers - 0.1
Large Antlers - 0.2
Troll Skull - 0.4
Sabre Cat Tooth - 0.1
Chicken Breast - 0.2
Mammoth Snout - 0.2


Vale Deer Hide - 1.1
Vale Saber Cat - 1.6
Death Hound Collar - 0.2
Shellbug Chitin - 0.3
Bone Hawk Claw - 0.1
Bone Hawk Feathers - 0.15
Bone Hawk Skull - 0.2


Mudcrab Legs - 0.1
Goat Horns - 0.1


Boar Tusk - 0.2
Netch Jelly - 0.2
Felsaad Tern Feathers - 0.2
Chitin Plate - 0.2
Netch Leather - 1
Ash Hopper Leg - 0.3
Ash Hopper Meat - 0.2
Boar Meat - 0.4
Albino Spider Pod - 0.1
Damaged Albino Spider Pod - 0.1

Realistic Wildlife Loot

Raw Venison (Elk) - 0.3
Raw Bear Meat - 0.3
Bear Tooth - 0.1
Raw Fox Meat - 0.15
Raw Goat Meat - 0.3
Raw Rabbit Meat - 0.1
Raw Slaughterfish Meat - 0.1
Raw Mudcrab Meat - 0.1
Raw Wolf Meat - 0.2
Raw Sabre Cat Meat - 0.3
Raw Skeever Meat - 0.1
Sabre Cat Claws - 0.05
Eye of Wolf - 0.05
Canine Tooth - 0.1
Mudcrab Shell, Giant - 0.5
Mudcrab Shell, Large - 0.4
Mudcrab Shell - 0.3
Mudcrab Shell, Small - 0.2
Raw Mammoth Meat - 0.3
Eye of Mammoth - 0.1
Eye of Dog - 0.05
Eye of Cow - 0.05

If I missed any tell me and I'll get on it

Also if a time seem off a bit feel free to suggest a new one

Dragonborn times are guess work as i have not played this expansion yet....


Install with Nexus Mod Manager (suggested)

1. download with manager
2. activate

Manual Install

1. download
2. unpack contents of .rar to data folder (will not override any thing)
3. activate with manager of your choice

To Uninstall simply remove the following files:


Update Procedure

Follow this procedure between every version update to prevent bugs

1. Uninstall Mod
2. Load Saved Game
3. Save Game in new slot and Exit
4. Install new version

You will lose all changed settings in the MCM menu for this mod during the update process


This mod edits nothing in the world space nor does it edit any items or items' references at all, so there should be

no compatibility issues. This mod should also be completely compatible with any mod that adds new types of existing

animal races such as SkyTest. This mod will not be completely compatible with mod that add new loot-able items to the

animals as the items will not be in the list of items that activates the time advancement, however this mod mod could

be at least semi-compatible with mods that add new animal races to the game as long as the animals have the

'ActorTypeAnimal' or 'ActorTypeCreature' keywords and are looting vanilla items.

Suggested compatibility patched are welcome but there is no guarantee that any thing will happen.

Special Thanks

Bethesda - for creating a great game and supporting the modding community
Chesko - for his advice and guidance without which this mod would have been far more difficult to create


Please do not re-upload this mod on any other site without first contacting the author for permission. If this mod is broken by a Bethesda patch and the author cannot be reached to resolve the problem within a reasonable amount of time, this mod becomes the domain of the nexus community. Also if this mod is abandoned by the author for whatever reason, this mod becomes the domain of the nexus community.